Pilates Classes and Workshops With Mareile Paley

Fabulous for developing strength, flexibility and coordination, not to mention flat abs, Pilates has taken the fitness world by storm in the last few years. A low impact form of exercise it is suited to absolutely everyone, from pregnant women to elite athletes, for young and old.

Mareile Paley with her friendly, outgoing nature and approachable personality will be available for private sessions as well as group classes during her stay. Each class will be tailored to your personal needs and wishes and can be anything from a serious core workout to a gentle spine-rejuvenating stretch and strengthening session. People with physical restrictions, injuries and back problems are welcome (but must be cleared to exercise by a doctor).

For those new to Pilates, Mareile offers a special 90min one-on-one assessment session, which includes a posture- and movement analysis.

Mareile Paley is a classically trained Pilates instructor, personal trainer and founder of Pilates Retreat Asia, bringing her love for Pilates, Yoga and a holistic approach to life all over the world. She has lead retreats and taught workshops internationally, including New York, Hong Kong, Bali, Istanbul and even Khorog, a small town in the remote mountains of Tajikistan. Based in Istanbul, Mareile continues to integrate her passions for travel, design and Pilates into her busy life as a wife, business owner and mother of two adorable boys.