Marc A. Cornaz

Managing Director
When Kamalaya began to take form in 2003, John and Karina recognized that the execution of their concept depended upon a more balanced and complete set of core competencies and would require the contribution of fellow likeminded entrepreneurs; a stronger and more solid foundation that could bring their dream to life. Serendipity once again stepped in to help them. When they were introduced to Marc A. Cornaz, they knew that they had found the vital missing ingredient for Kamalaya’s success.

Inspired by the originality of the concept and drawn to the integrity of John and Karina’s holistic vision, he agreed to join them, moving from Europe to Asia to help turn their dream into reality. Marc’s unique skill set and entrepreneurial commitment added a new dimension to the Kamalaya business model so that there was now an ideal balance of competencies to realise the concept and to deliver it with authenticity and quality.

With a background and extensive experience in hospitality operations management and business development in Europe and Asia, Marc’s career in hospitality began as a graduate of Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne followed by an MBA from IMD Lausanne. From there, Marc founded and managed start-ups, and worked with some of the biggest multi-national players in the hospitality industry including Pepsico Restaurants International in the UK and Hilton International in Hong Kong and Seoul.

The opportunity to contribute to a significant cause, beyond the prevailing corporate concerns, struck a chord with Marc’s natural passion to create and develop meaningful and innovative businesses. Throughout his career, Marc’s priority was to guide and inspire individuals and teams to develop self-awareness and achieve inner growth towards fulfilling their potential. Supported by his growing dedicated spiritual practice, enhanced by time spent in India, Marc developed his own progressive business values and leadership style. His aspiration to apply holistic principles is reflected in his humanistic approach to management, which consistently places the experience of organic growth and transformation – for guests, staff and organizations alike – above all else.