Blue Light Energy Healing

Blue Light Energy Healing with Nicky Kassapian

Over the course of our lives, we all fragment through events, circumstances and traumas that occur on the external and inner realms. Blue Light Energy Healing is a powerful combination of modalities and a defragmentation process, which enables a deep letting go of that which no longer serves. It results in a realignment of the entire system. The centres are balanced and activated, creating greater unity, presence and harmony overall.

If you are feeling fragmented on a spirit level, feeling out of alignment and disconnected from yourself, where you are going and your spiritual life. Or you are experiencing misalignment in the physical structure: a bad back, stiff neck, irregular cycles and such like. Or in the mental and emotional bodies: stress, burnout, lethargy, personal dilemmas, relationship issues or grief then Blue Light Energy Healing may be what you need to come back to yourself.

The work encompasses all aspects of a person, allowing consciousness to become more aware of itself as existence. For many, a session is profoundly transformational, a healing of the body, mind and soul. Nicky works from a place of stillness, drawing upon various modalities, life experience and spiritual teachings to best address issues, supporting each individual she works with, on their unique journey.

Nicky is an advanced Craniosacral therapist, a Reiki master and practitioner, an Avatar master, a personal coach, mentor and retreat facilitator. Nicky has been running her private practice in centres in Bali Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore since 2000 and works by distance with clients around the world.