Organic Detox Gotu Kola Salad

Healthy Cooking with Kamalaya: Detox Cuisine

Serves 2

In Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, gotu kola is – among other things – considered an anti-ageing herb. In fact, the saying goes “Two leaves a day keeps old age away”. Its anti-inflammatory properties are highly regarded, and it is beneficial in treating arthritis. Gotu kola is therapeutic for the brain and the central nervous system, helping to improve concentration and calm the nerves. In studies, it has shown to increase blood circulation, balance blood pressure, boost memory and ease anxiety. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6, which accounts for its positive effects on the nervous system. Use the fresh leaves to make tea, or in this robustly flavoured healing salad.

Gotu kola leaf, 50 g
Green mango, 50 g
Coconut flesh, cut into fine strips, 50g
Beetroot, cut into fine strips, 25 g
Carrot Shredded, 25 g
Turnip, julienne, 10 g  
Tamarind juice, 15 ml   
Lime juice, 10 ml (one piece)
Mint leave, 5 g
Coriander leaf, 2 g
Spring onion sliced, 2 g
Lemon grass, chopped very finely, ½ tsp
Sesame seed, black and white, 2 g
Shallot, sliced very finely, 10 g
Chilli powder, 1 g
Sea salt, 1 g
Wakame (optional), 40 g   

Peel the green mango, then use a serrated vegetable peeler to make fine strips (or you could use a mandolin).

Place the mango strips into a mixing bowl and add the coconut flesh, turnip, shallot and beetroot. (If using wakame, add now.)

Rub the gotu kola leaves between your hands to release the flavours and nutrients, and then add to the other ingredients.

Add the chilli, sesame seeds, tamarind juice and lime juice. Mix well, and then serve.