Holistic Wellness Programs

Holistic Wellness Programs for Body, Mind & Spirit

While they may go by various names, all of the Kamalaya integral Wellness Programs are essentially about promoting wellness on multiple levels; wellness of body, of mind and spirit.

You will find a detailed list of inclusions for each Wellness Program and Retreat, and in general these include your treatments, therapies, classes, consultations, food and beverages and airport transfers. To give you flexibility, our Wellness Programs and Kamalaya Signature Retreats are priced without accommodation. In this way, you can easily extend your stay for additional non-program days, or even combine two different programs in one stay if you like.

Individual Holistic Wellness Programs

These can be started on any day you choose and can go for any duration you desire.
We offer a range of programs to address different goals, whether that is detoxweight managementyoga practice, fitness, dealing with stress or recovering from adrenal burnout, and each program is customised to your individual needs.

Group Retreats

These programs start and end on particular dates and you share the experience with a group of other guests. Often, these programs include group workshops and discussions, and the group dynamic adds a powerful ingredient to the mix of therapies and activities.

We run regular detox and yoga retreats, and from time to time, visiting teachers and healers facilitate group retreats in yoga, meditation and other practices and topics.

Wellness à  la carte

Wellness à  la carte

If you can't find a program to suit, you also have the option of working with one of our health practitioners to design a program for your specific needs.

If you simply wish to experience a healthy relaxing holiday with no structured program, then you will find a wide range of treatments and therapies to enhance your holiday in our Wellness à  la carte section.