Community at Kamalaya

The Community at Kamalaya

Relaxed, Informal & Welcoming
Kamalaya honours the sacredness of solitude and shares the joy of community.

Our aim is to re-introduce balance. We offer you the time and space to be alone, as well as opportunities to connect with the uplifting spirit of community.

From time to time, we host cultural, educational and artistic events that bring people together in a natural and joyful way. Every evening, you have the option of joining our Community Table for dinner, where the mood is always informal, relaxed and welcoming.

Recognising the merit of both me-time and we-time, you will never be pressured to participate. The door is always open for you to come and go as you please.

"When I look around Kamalaya, there is a presence of spirit almost, a ghost of good will, a unity that brings together all that travel here." Glenn Wallis, C-Holiday Magazine