Nam Prik Aong

Healthy Cooking with Kamalaya

Nam Prik Aong is a popular traditional spicy dip that originates from the North of Thailand. Our delicious vegetarian detox version is high in minerals, antioxidants and fibre. As well as helping to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, this dish can also aid digestion and support the body’s detoxification process.

Curry paste, 30 g
Shiitake mushroom (finely chopped), 20 g
Eringy mushroom (finely chopped), 20 g
Jelly mushroom (finely chopped), 30 g
Detox tomato sauce, 60 g
Dried date (minced/finely minced), 5 pcs
Sea salt, Pinch
Vegetable stock, 100 g
Dried large chili, 1 g
Cauliflower rice, 130 g

Cucumber sticks (leave skin on), 50 g
Carrot (thinly slice into 1cm flower shapes), 20 g
Boiled whole okra, 40 g (3 pcs)
String bean (whole), 25 g (5 pcs)
Coriander (fresh), 1 pcs


  • Gently stir the curry paste into a medium heated pan until the aromas are released and the mixture starts to become a little bit sticky.
  • Add the shiitake, eringy, and jelly mushrooms and stir.
  • Add the vegetable stock, chilli, detox tomato sauce and dates.
  • Allow ingredients to simmer until mixture reaches a creamy consistency.
  • Season with sea salt to taste and present the mixture in a small bowl.
  • Garnish with sliced chilli and coriander.

Serving suggestion
Serve the bowls of Nam Prik Aong and Cauliflower Rice on a large plate then garnish with the cucumber sticks, carrot, boiled okra and string beans.