Healthy Cooking with Kamalaya

Kamalaya’s detox Energy Balls are a delicious sweet treat and a good source of slow-release energy. Modest in size, they contain large amounts of minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants. Also providing essential protein, iron and omega 3, our energy balls are plentiful in healthy fibre for enhanced digestion and elimination. This dish is a great way to introduce spirulina into your diet, as the other flavours masks its bitter taste.

Detox Energy Balls


Yoga History

Yoga was first clearly expounded in the Vedic shastras (Hindu religious texts). Those that estimate Yoga’s age to be four thousand years see the history of Yoga from this point.

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Cleanse & Detox

Cleansing and detoxing your body is a great way to put yourself on the path to improved health over the long term.

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Vegan Diet: How to Guide

Explore the nutritional foundations of a vegan diet with this beginners guide.

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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga through meditation works remarkably to achieve harmony and helps the mind work in sync with the body.

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Meditation Tips

Meditation Practise Tips

Try these simple suggestions to cultivate your meditation practice at home.

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Benefits of Yoga

Doing just one hour of asanas helped avid posers raise their levels of the brain chemical GABA by 27 percent.

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Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintaining Weight Loss

Here is just a taste of the healthy eating guidelines we follow at Kamalaya.

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Signs of Stress & Burnout

Warning Signs of Stress & Burnout

he warning signs that you’re suffering stress and burnout can start with the feeling that every day is a bad day; when caring about your work or home life seems to be a total waste of energy.

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