“Earth on Board – The End of Business as usual” with Philippe Joubert

For the first Kamalaya Conversation we hosted our repeat guest Philippe Joubert, a global business leader focused on building sustainability into the heart of business strategies to enable long-term growth. Once President of one of the world’s largest energy companies, he resigned from his mandate in 2012 to utilize his expertise and network to contribute to the emergence of a new business model acknowledging that nature cannot be considered any longer as unlimited and free.

For anyone who wasn’t able to be part of the conversation here at Kamalaya last month, we have recorded a dialogue between our co-founder John Stewart and Philippe Joubert which beautifully captures the heart of what was discussed during the public conversation.

Philippe is Founder and CEO of Earth on Board, which informs, supports and equips Boards globally to understand their fiduciary duties in relation to sustainability and structures engagement that challenges and guides executive teams. Earth on Board is an ecosystem of leading sustainability actors, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development), CDP (Carbone Disclosure Project), We Mean Business, Client Earth and The B Team dedicated to informing and helping Boards to put sustainability at the centre of the company’s strategy, achieving an Earth Competent Board. The awareness and education element of the programme is built and offered in partnership with Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Philippe advises various major global organizations dedicated to implementing strategies to overcome today’s sustainability challenges. He also holds several advisory positions to the CEOs of leading global companies in the area of sustainability and International development. He is a regular keynote speaker and moderator of International round tables in the areas of Low Carbon Economy, Energy and Climate, Sustainable Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities, Energy and Water Nexus and Post-COP21 emergence of a new business model, which takes into account natural and social capital. Recent speaking engagements include several talks at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015.

“When at Kamalaya, I can actually feel this unique atmosphere and harmony between beautiful nature and minds at peace, presence of spirituality and silent joy. This slowly guides people to let go of the stressors of everyday life and open themselves to new insights, new ideas, and to explore new frontiers.”
- Philippe Joubert, Founder and CEO of Earth on Board

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