Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer Tim Stoneman

7th - 27th June 2017Originally from the UK, for the last 5 years Tim has been based in Asia. Tim now spends his time working in various resorts around the region, sharing his knowledge and skills to heal others and help people to make the changes they want in their lives.

Specialising in Stress-reduction, Sleep, and Happiness.

Hypnotherapy is the most powerful method known to humankind to make deliberate, beneficial changes in one’s life. Using a variety of methods your Hypnotherapist will help you to cycle your mind down to a low, peaceful level, where you can release harmful, negative beliefs and behaviour patterns and replace them with new, positive, beneficial ones.

In use somewhere throughout the world since at least the days of ancient Egypt and probably long before, Hypnotherapy is effective in helping with everything from Depression through to Phobias, Relationships, Weight-Loss and Smoking. Tim focuses his treatments on healing the whole person, so that every aspect of life improves.

Energetic Emotional Pain Release
Tim uses a simple yet deeply profound guided meditation technique that works with the Subconscious Mind to release emotional attachments and heal the wounds that relationships with others can sometimes cause. Equally effective for healing issues from past and current relationships, this technique is so powerful that it often takes several days to fully feel the many amazing changes. Benefits include freedom from pain and sadness caused by old relationship traumas, and an all-round increase in happiness, mental clarity and peace of mind.