Hypnosis and Therapy

Hypnosis and Therapy to support Nutrition for the Mind with Deborah Marshall-Warren

24th May - 5th June 2013

Deborah is a trainer, author, and relaxation therapist who works with professionals, some of whom are major contributors, movers, shakers and innovators; to support them in living even more conscious and celebrated lives.

In her work in London, Malta, and Southeast Asia, she has been privileged to work with the brightest and the best, but often people who find it hard actually to think of themselves as the brightest and the best. She has worked to support them in gaining another perspective to sense their own strengths more clearly, and to review aspects of their childhood or teenage years, and to revise and revoke their fears (which are often fears of failure).

Of course fear of failure can also be a driver. This can have a side-effect of "mental toxicity'. Looking back into ones childhood and remembering an authoritive figure for whom you were never good enough, approved of enough, or praised enough. This can feed through into adulthood as an insatiable dissatisfaction. It can produce a fever to work ever harder, but inhibit a a sense of achievement.

Deborah helps you regain balance and to dissolve the drivers that feed excessive bravado and other fear-based behaviors. She helps you let go of the emotionally-packed "suitcases' you may carry, so you feel lighter and more relieved.

Professionals, parents, sports amateurs, and pros, all thrive more when they gain stronger confidence, higher self-esteem, and enhanced self-belief, especially when accompanied by access to inner resources that encourage a sense of mindful calm and peace.

Deborah supports you in gaining a beautiful sense of presence in place of absence in your life, in your work, and in your relationships.