The Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

There are numerous health benefits to following a whole food, plant-based diet. These include reducing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and inflammation. Inflammation is linked to chronic degenerative diseases, but it also affects how we age, so it is very important to reduce inflammation in the body. A plant-based diet also dramatically reduces obesity which is a growing issue around the world, as well as being a major trigger for numerous diseases, including cancer. In the video below, Kamalaya Co-Founder Karina Stewart explains how following a plant-based nutritional approach can make a significant positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

Plant-Based Protein

Find out how plant-based proteins can help you build muscle and achieve fitness goals.

A Plant-Based Diet Success Story

We asked one of our Naturopaths, Emily Sarkies to share a plant-based diet success story.

Supporting the Microbiome

Following a plant-based nutritional plan can help support digestive health in many different ways. Watch our short video to learn more.

Comparing Nutritional Plans

Karina Stewart explains some of the differences between vegan and plant-based diets.