Healthy Detox

Detoxification is a commitment to oneself, to yourself and to your health.

The arrival of the New Year often brings a much-needed boost to our energy, willpower and mental clarity. One of the most rewarding ways to channel this feeling of renewed vitality and ’new beginnings' is to improve our health and wellbeing. January is a popular month of the year to embark on creating new habits and a detoxification program is a time to metaphorically ‘wipe the slate clean’ and restart our focus for the year. A properly managed detox program supports our body’s innate ability to detoxify and cleanse itself by safely neutralizing and eliminating harmful chemicals from within.

Why Detox?
Every day we are exposed to a wide variety of toxins, both from the environment around us and as a natural byproduct of our own digestive and metabolic processes. Over time, if the quantity of toxins produced and absorbed by the body exceeds the level that can be efficiently and safely eliminated, the body enters a state of chronic congestion and toxicity that compromises health.

The Energising Health Benefits of Detoxification
Following a gentle detoxification program at regular points throughout the year helps the body to cleanse, reset and recharge. Detoxification boosts immunity, supports digestive health, improves metabolism and organ function, reduces inflammation and helps balance the body’s hormone levels. In addition, it promotes a clear and peaceful mental state and emotional balance. With so many positive health benefits, regular detoxification is one of the key resolutions everyone should consider as part of their foundational health care.

- Karina Stewart
Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Co-founder of Kamalaya Koh Samui

Tips to Support Detox at Home

There are many ways we can nurture and support our body's own natural process of detoxification. Here are some simple tips you can practice at home.

  • Start your day with a mug of warm water and the juice of half a fresh lemon or lime. This stimulates the liver and kidneys, provides a gentle flush from your night’s rest and helps to alkalise your system.
  • Exercise moves blood, oxygen and lymph fluid throughout the body which are all needed for efficient detoxification. Try a gently yoga class for a great way to balance the mind and body.
  • Blend a fresh green smoothie for an alkaline and easy to digest energy drink.  Place a handful of organic dark, leafy greens such as kale, spinach or rocket into your blender along with cucumber, celery, half a green apple, ginger, fresh herbs, flaxseeds and water. Blitz the ingredients until a smooth consistency has been reached. Add a scoop of pea protein powder for a plant-based power boost.
  • Stay hydrated by sipping approximately 1.5-2 litres of clean filtered water throughout the day. This will help to flush any water-soluble toxins through your kidneys.


  •   Headaches
  •   Stiff, aching joints and muscles
  •   Respiratory difficulties
  •   Digestive problems
  •   Constipation
  •   Acne
  •   Low energy and fatigue
  •   Restlessness and irritability
  •   Mental fogginess
  •   Inability to concentrate
  •   Depression and moodiness
  •   Poor quality sleep and insomnia


Vegan Detox Recipe


Another delicious vegan dish, with a good dose of antioxidants plus anti-inflammatory benefits from the ginger dressing.


Particularly rich in Vitamin A, this dish will nourish the eyes and skin.


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Detox at Kamalaya pairs elimination with nourishment, providing a gentle approach rather than a punishing regime.


The resort’s philosophy is aligned with Asian healing principles that see fasting as potentially depleting. Medical research shows that high levels of nutrition are required for the body to detox efficiently and so Kamalaya’s detox programmes feature a restricted diet but one that is nutritious, deeply satisfying and beneficial to the detox process, supported by supplements to optimise the detox process and help reduce the side effects.


While Kamalaya’s Detox concept does feature a supporting menu, dishes are inspired, healthy cuisine that is both delicious and deeply satisfying. The programme is complemented with daily herbal and anti-oxidant supplements that help to minimise detox side effects. So in contrast to conventional short-term detox programmes with predictably short-term results, Kamalaya focuses on good nutrition and health, preparing each guest to lead a healthier life upon returning home.

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