Healthy Lifestyle Tips

At Kamalaya, the unique synergy of place, people, and holistic wellness offerings is at the very foundation of our concept. Our goal is to help our guests reconnect with life’s potential through a deeper connection with self, nature and people.

The Kamalaya wellness experience goes beyond treatments and activities to include delicious fusion cuisine, wellness programs, group retreats and opportunities to work with visiting international healers and teachers. When you experience a stay at Kamalaya, our team of experts also impart the knowledge and tools to help you continue your wellness journey after you return home.

On this page, we plan to share a little bit of that knowledge, including tips you can practice to improve your quality of sleep, learn more about meditation or discover the health benefits of certain nutritional approaches. Like everything at Kamalaya, this content will organically grow and blossom. We hope you find it useful, that it helps enhance your life and guides you back to stay with us again in the future.