Integral health and harmonious transformation

Holistic Health...Integral wellness

Kamalaya experience

For thousands of years, Eastern healing traditions have acknowledged the connection of heart, mind, body and spirit and the existence of subtle energy fields. From these beliefs, they have developed a "life science' approach to initiate integral health and harmonious transformation. Some branches of Western science are now beginning to reveal the wisdom of these ancient beliefs and to develop new paradigms of healing around these "discoveries'.

In essence, the Asian traditions take an integral, or holistic, approach to health. This approach encompasses a deep respect for each individual's essential self, understanding this to be the source of all health and most disease.

Complete wellbeing is realised through the integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This integral approach to wellness is the guiding principle behind every facet of your experience at Kamalaya; an experience that aims to reconnect you to the healer and visionary within.

At Kamalaya, it is not one treatment or aspect that delivers wellness, but rather how the treatments, therapies, activities, environmental aspects, cuisine and people come together to create a synergistic wellness experience to balance and enrich the body, mind, spirit and heart connection.

At Kamalaya, we believe that reconnection is rich with possibilities for sustainable wellbeing and a more authentic, joyful and fulfilling life.

"This place is magical. The vibe, the staff, surrounding, landscape is just amazing. Good energy in every little inch. Thank you Kamalaya for having me feel this beauty." Ms. Christina Braun