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Kamalaya Cuisine embodies a sensible approach to dining that aims to educate and inspire guests to develop a more thoughtful and enriching relationship with food. Our menus include a small sampling of "indulge' dishes to simulate the "real' world and teach our guests the principles of balance and moderation. Our philosophy is pragmatic and realistic and seeks to inspire rather than dictate, and Chef Kai Muller's masterful interpretation of food as medicine serves up health with generous helpings of culinary flair.

Our menus include a selection of nutritious "raw food' dishes, incorporating simple interpretations such as salads as well as lightly fermented foods with high enzyme content. Kamalaya Cuisine is not exclusively "raw food', as appropriately cooked foods have highly digestible nutrition value whereas "raw food' can be difficult for some individuals to digest.

R:Raw     L:Lacto Ovo