Sounding Your Way Home: The Frequency of Unconditional Love with Professor, Singer and Sound Healer Jeralyn Glass

Join an exquisite experience of celestial tone, and profoundly connect to the healing resonance of gemstone-infused crystal singing bowls. Using techniques from Sound and Energy Medicine, Jeralyn guides you on your personal journey with the use of Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls and her ‘Music of the Heart’.

The tremendously powerful frequencies support balance and healing in our energy field. They imprint crystal cadences in our very cells, releasing the old, awakening new cellular patterns of vibration. They build the energetic circuits to house unconditional love: potent, anchored and integrated. Through the guidance of Master Alchemist and Sound Healer Jeralyn Glass, experience and embody the Singing Bowls’ expansive ability to transmute emotions and energetic patterns, bringing cleansing, clearing and clarity, opening synapses and igniting brain waves.

Jeralyn’s sound healing sessions are individually tailored to your needs and intentions. She works with various sound healing techniques using crystal gemstone infused bowls associated with the individual tones of your chakra system, opening and clearing energetic or system blockages. She integrates vocal sounding with the alchemy crystal bowls and you experience peace, harmony, balance, and cellular renewal.

In either a comfortable seated or reclining position, the session begins with tuning the body, followed by a deeply relaxing, healing sound “soak”experience being soothed and bathed in crystal gemstone tones. Your mind becomes calm and still as you receive harmonics which raise your vibration, allowing the frequency of unconditional Love to be activated in your body.

Soul Soothing Sounds
Experience the resonance of the heavenly Crystal Singing Bowls- Profound tools of loving transformation. Join internationally acclaimed musical artist and sound healer Jeralyn Glass for an interactive experience with the powerful gemstone infused Crystal Tones Singing Bowls. Experience and explore the rainbow of hope, grace, power and healing in the world of Sound Energy.