Reviews for Kamalaya Wellness Retreat Thailand

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Kamalaya is inclusive rather than exclusive. There are no prerequisites. This is a pressure-less environment that honours who you are and where you are right now, and invites you to embrace your greatest dreams and visions for the future.

While many guests come with a purpose or goal in mind, neither is required. We remain flexible to your needs. We don't insist that you book a program; you can simply come for a relaxing, healthy holiday and enjoy the restorative environment and complimentary offerings like wellness consultation and daily holistic classes.As the days go by, your mind clears, your eyes shine, your skin glows, your vitality increases and your heart opens to the spirit of possibility.


"Words cannot describe the feeling that Kamalaya instills from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Every little detail has been considered and if the entire team do not make you feel bliss on their own, then you won’t find it anywhere."
Mr. Alexander Griffin