The Feldenkrais Method with Jacqueline Bayne

The Feldenkrais Method: Functional Integration

Through slow, gentle movements to align the body for optimum function, the Feldenkrais Method assists in improving your movement and balance, and helping to overcome anything that impairs your activity. The body was designed to exist in a state of natural grace and ease, allowing energy to flow. When the body is relaxed, the mind is also able to achieve peace and deeper states of consciousness. This is a powerful and transformative method of releasing conditioned and habitual stress patterns, allowing the body to function efficiently, thus freeing the mind so we can quickly adapt to change. It has been effective for athletes, performers, artists, business people and for those looking for support when making changes in their lives.

Jacqueline Bayne was certified in the Feldenkrais Method in 1994 by a practice in Phoenix, Arizona. She came to the method following a foot injury from ballet and was so captivated by her rapid recovery that she entered the training. She has found the principles to have a profound effect on her other work as a facilitator in the transformational process using dream work, breath work and inquiry.