Face Reading with Eric Standop

Face Reading is the science and art of interpreting the different facets of personality, health and the fate of people through different points and significance in the face.

Eric Standop has over seven years experience in facial diagnosis and face reading. He is also a highly experienced nutritionist. Based in Germany, Eric trained under one of the last masters of face reading in Mid Europe and has also studied the Chinese version of face reading, called siang mien, as well as the ancient Greek techniques of physiognomy.

Health reading
Your face tells the story of a life. Every disease, every deficiency, but also your health strengths are represented there. Learn how you can use this information for your personal recovery or health development. In every face is also the path of healing, we just have to follow it.

Nutritional reading
Your face can be read like a book. To stay healthy, one of the most important things we have to learn is to eat the right food. But this will vary according to the individual. Learn about potential food deficiencies, how to optimise your diet and what foods create puffiness, dryness or even wrinkles. All this can be seen through the analysis of your face

Personality and character reading
Face reading is an ancient art. By analysing the structure of your face, you can uncover your personality, character, preferences and abilities. You can gain important understandings about who you are and what will make you happy. And you can use it on others to better understand their thinking, behaviour and needs.

Love reading
Love is the most important aspect in life. To love and be loved is a life elixir. Would I recognise the one and only if they were standing right in front of me? By reading the face, we look behind the fog of seemingly important characteristic such as appearance, wealth or other practical considerations. The face of a couple sitting next to each other, even a photo of the two, reveals a deep affection or just a good friend. Find the love of a lifetime.

Job reading
This reading is all about your talents and your career.  This might help you to find the right job, career path or vocation in life.  Your face shows how you deal with money and what kind of worker you are. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, using face reading can help you find the right work-life balance, happiness and even more success

Destiny reading
This session includes a review of special points, the structure and appearance of your face to determine key turning points in your past, present and potentially your future. What is your purpose in life? Learn how your life will unfold and what years to look out for.

Eric started his career in the entertainment business, where he worked as a marketing director for the television, cinema and computer gaming industry. Due to serious health problems he quit years ago and rehealed with the help of holistic methods.