Divine Straightening by Alexander Toskar & Carolin Toskar

We’re very pleased to welcome back Carolin and Alexander to Kamalaya. They have been coming for more than nine years to accompany our guests on their path to health and contentment.

Their spiritual healing Divine Straightening encompasses the whole human being. People come for different reasons, many are suffering from chronic or acute back complaints, others are seeking help allergies, depression, anxiety, cancer, high blood pressure or diabetes, to mention only some of these. But also people who are feeling exhausted and overloaded are coming to the healing session. Divine Straightening creates the balance and spiritual order on physical, mental and emotional issues and passes the impulse for powerful regeneration - and selfhealing processes.

Experience this unique spiritual healing with Carolin and Alexander at the Kamalaya.

Freeing and straightening of the spinal column and spiritual correction of pelvic tilt without touching the body. Resolving of prenatal and life patterns, correction of the life axis, re-creation of the balance on physical and mental issues and emotional stress. Passing of impulses for an all-encompassing healing assistance for complaints of every kind.

‘I had the most extraordinary session, I was standing there with my eyes closed and I could literally feel the energy running down the whole of my spine… It´s 2 years later now and I have not been back at an Osteopath, I haven´t had any pain.’
- Sara Davenport, founder of Breast Cancer Haven, London

‘I had my personal experience with the Straightening and there was an immediate straightening and evening of my legs’
- Rev. Michael Beckwith, featured teacher in „The Secret“, Los Angeles

‘This burst of energy seems to have ‘fixed’ my bendy spine… I like to maintain that I am a rational sceptic but the next day any red eczema traces around my eyes were gone.’
- Helen Croydon, author, journalist and broadcaster, London

Carolin & Alexander Toskar have received worldwide recognition as healer, spiritual teacher and internationally known authors. They lead spiritual centres in Switzerland and Germany and have. And they established the Spiritual Health Foundation, whose mission is to develop spiritual healing and wellbeing for children and dependent people. All foundation projects are voluntarily supervised by them.