Kamalaya Lifestyle

Kamalaya Lifestyle

Relaxed, Informal and Heart-warmingly Comfortable

For many, the sprint-paced, "ASAP' world in which we live has disconnected us from each other, our own true and divine sense of self and the perfect simplicity of being present in our lives. At Kamalaya, being reconnected can be a sublimely life changing experience.    

To optimise the opportunities for rest and relaxation, we do not have televisions in our guest rooms. Instead, we aim to offer a safe, supportive and nature-rich environment where you will be undisturbed by the 'noise' and performance pressure of modern society; where you can exhale deeply, let go of stress and get reacquainted with yourself.

The Kamalaya lifestyle is relaxed, informal and heart-warmingly comfortable. Pretence is lacking and acceptance and authenticity abound.

The services and facilities at Kamalaya are bound together by a welcoming community spirit and supported by the invigorating energies of nature, art and healthy cuisine. Nature is an ever-present part of your Kamalaya experience, a sensory symphony nourishes and nurtures.

Beyond the improvements in health and wellbeing, the synergistic Kamalaya experience seems to effortlessly and spontaneously take people to unexpected levels of self discovery and awareness.

"Wonderful, warm, inviting atmosphere. More than just a regular holiday – life changing experience."
Ms Killean, USA, July 2008