Sweet Potato Mash with Chinese Broccoli and Ginger Dressing

Healthy Cooking with Kamalaya: Detox Cuisine

Serves 2

Another delicious vegan dish, with a good dose of antioxidants plus anti-inflammatory benefits from the ginger dressing. Particularly rich in Vitamin A, this dish will nourish the eyes and skin.

Chinese broccoli, trimmed, 50 g   
Sweet potato, peeled and cubed, 200 g   
Nutmeg, Pinch   
Coconut water, 200 ml   
Vegetable stock, 100 ml   
* Detox ginger dressing, 50 ml   
Sea salt, Pinch   
Pepper black, To taste   
Olive oil, 3 ml
Fresh thyme, 3 sprigs

Place the coconut water and vegetable stock in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Add the sweet potato and simmer until cooked through.
While the sweet potato is cooking, blanch the Chinese broccoli for 20 seconds and then place immediately into ice water to cool. Remove from ice water and set aside.
Strain the sweet potato (reserve the cooking liquid), and then place on a tray in an open oven for a few minutes to steam out any remaining water.
Mash the sweet potato, seasoning with salt, nutmeg and olive oil. Add a little of the reserved cooking liquid to get a creamy consistency. Crush 1 sprig of thyme leaves with your hands and add to mashed sweet potato.
Heat the dressing in a saucepan on a low heat, adding the Chinese broccoli until it is warmed through (approximately 1 minute).
Pipe the sweet potato mash in the middle of your plates, place the broccoli around the mash and drizzle the dressing on the broccoli . Garnish with fresh thyme.