Creative Mandala Art, Self Expression Collage & Abstract Color Therapy with Trudy Tozer

We’re delighted to welcome Australian artist Trudy Tozer to Kamalaya this month for a series of healing workshops that provide new and different ways to connect with our private selves and one another. Take the focus off your vocal cords and verbal communication in general, relying instead on the rarely used fine motor skills that each of us is born with. This approach often gives us a way of reaching deep inside ourselves, finding facets of our characters and emotions that are important to us, but may have been buried by the bustle of everyday life.

Choose a one-on-one session, bring your travel companions, or get a group of your fellow Kamalaya guests together – however you do it, you’re likely to learn things you didn’t expect about yourself and one another, all while enjoying the meditative atmosphere and deep relaxation that are part of the creative process.

Abstract Colour Therapy:  This magical workshop really brings out the hidden talent – it’s a lot of fun and we never even use a paintbrush! Tools such as palette knives, sauce bottles, sponges and recycled toilet paper rolls become instruments in making an abstract on canvas. Absolutely no artistic experience is required. Instead, participants loosen up and relax, feeling completely undaunted by the blank canvas. Come experience this fantastic means of escaping normal day-to-day life for a few hours – every session is such an adventure!

Creative Mandala Art: This ancient art form is wonderful for groups sharing a circle, each person connecting with his or her creative self. It offers a new method of visual self-expression as well as an inner self portrait, all in a meditative atmosphere of relaxation.

This workshop can be a deeply satisfying means of therapy for:
- Destressing
- Balancing & Calming
- Focusing- Depression & Anxiety
- Stimulating Creativity & Problem Solving

To have a point of difference here, we utilize mixed media in this workshop incorporating rice paper and craft paints to allow more creativity.

Self Expression Collage: An excellent way to discover your inner thoughts & true personality – concentrating on your favourite things as a base to complete a collage on canvas that is yours to take home. You’ll be doing lots of cutting glueing & pasting – it’s exactly this kind of industrious and workmanlike process that removes the mind’s focus from non-present troubles in order to focus on the task at hand. Participants find it easy to remain in the moment, present for the enjoyment of what is happening now. This workshop is a respite for the overactive mind, complemented beautifully with meditative music that encourages reflection and relaxation.

About Trudy: It was never my intention to become an Artist—I am sure my art teachers through the last years of school would agree. My inspiration came later in life following a serious illness and several months of contemplation during my recovery. So for incentive I set objectives: One was to learn the piano; the second was to return to surfing and third was to learn to paint.

With the encouragement of my wonderful family I enrolled in piano lessons and received two generous gifts - a piano and a new surfboard. I still enjoy both, but know I will never master either. After a referral from a friend I enrolled in painting classes with a brilliant and very patient teacher, Queensland artist Bill McKay. Over 10 years in the Noosa Art Academy he has taught me different mediums and styles to find “the one”, and through his guidance and enthusiasm I slowly gained confidence in my own ability.

In my first exhibition I featured a study of the “geisha”. It was a huge success, with several pieces being purchased and additional commissions completed around Australia. Further exhibitions and the co-ordination of an Art Lounge Gallery on Australia’s Sunshine Coast have kept me busy over the years.

To share my love of art and its benefits, I have created workshops and retreats based on both research and my own road to recovery. They’re designed for participants with little or no prior artistic experience. Much has been scientifically documented about the healing properties of art; however these classes focus more on the holistic side for the mind, body & spirit. The group Abstract Colour Therapy and Mandala workshops are both relaxing and meditative. No need to worry if you can’t draw stick figures – in some classes we don’t even pick up a brush. Whilst I do not profess to heal or perform any miracle cures, I guarantee a couple of hours of fun, laughter, stress release and escape. Like me, you may discover you have a true hidden talent!