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Re-align the body for optimum function and vitality

Many of us now live increasingly sedentary lifestyles and spend a large proportion of our day either sitting at an office desk or travelling on some form of transportation. In addition, we spend more of our free time connected to laptops, tablets and mobile phones which can have a negative impact on our posture.

What are the Health Risks of Dysfunctional Posture?
The prolonged effects of dysfunctional posture, alongside natural ageing and trauma, can lead to muscle tightness, pain, restricted movement and even shallow breathing. If we don’t exercise or stretch frequently enough to counterbalance any imbalances in our structure, the circulation of blood and Qi may become restricted in the affected areas which is not conducive to optimal health. 

The Road to Recovery
Health issues associated with structural imbalances have become increasingly commonplace in today’s modern lifestyle and affect our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. To address this, we have created a specific program of highly effective holistic treatments, therapies and revival exercises that lead to improvements in posture, musculature and circulation. By concentrating this program over a 5, 7, or 9 night stay, our guests benefit from a focused, personalised approach that addresses their specific structural alignment needs.

Over the next few weeks, our wellness team will be sharing more videos and other content to enhance your posture, flexibility and movement. We hope that you will find these tips useful and experience a renewed sense of vitality after practicing them!

- Karina Stewart
Co-founder of Kamalaya Koh Samui, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Episode 02: What is Fascia?

Find out more about the connective tissue in our body and how important healthy fascia is for our physical structure and wellbeing.

Episode 03: Exercises for Stiff Neck Relief

Many of us spend a lot of time sitting down as part of our daily work. This can cause imbalances in our muscles and put pressure in our spine.

Episode 04: Exercises for Upper Back Pain Relief

The Thoracic spine is the upper back area of your body that can build up tension and discomforts especially when sitting for a long period of time.

Episode 05: Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

This simple exercise can be practiced whilst sitting at a desk to support correct alignment and reduce symptoms of lower back pain.

Episode 08: My Personal Experience by John Stewart

Kamalaya co-founder John Stewart shares this inspiring story about his personal experience with our newest Wellness Program, Structural Revival. 

Episode 06: Pilates for People That Sit All Day (Pelvic Curl)

If you sit most of the day try this simple Pilates exercise that can help strengthen the abdominals and increase hamstring and gluteus control.

Episode 07: Pilates for People That Sit All Day (Single Leg Stretch)

In this short video, Kamalaya Physiotherapist, Mona demonstrates Leg Lifts, an excellent Pilates exercise for improving the stabilisation of the abdominal muscles and pelvic lumbar region.

5 Lifestyle Tips to Get a Posture You Are Proud Of

1) Easy Driver
Without diverting your attention from the road, be mindful of whether you feel any tension in your shoulders, neck, or arms. Relax any unnecessarily tense muscles and find a comfortable, neutral driving posture. Check your driver’s position is set up correctly and adjust the seat and handlebars on a bicycle for a more comfortable ride.

2) Work Smart
Some of us spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Make sure the ergonomics are as good as they can possibly be. Take regular breaks to stretch and walk around, as this allows blood to circulate more freely around the body. If you work from home, set up a designated area rather than settling for the sofa or kitchen table.

3) Holistic Fitness
Adjust your normal workout routine to allow more time for stretching during the warm-up and cool-down phases. Ask a trained fitness professional to check if you are exercising your whole body in a balanced way. Try Yoga, Pilates, and swimming for increased flexibility and to keep your body guessing with different challenges.

4) Wind Down – Don’t Stop
If your day has already been quite sedentary, try not to sink into the couch for the whole evening. Keep moving and consider some gentle stretching exercises, or use a foam roller to massage your muscles before bed.

5) Sweet Dreams
Investing in a good quality pillow and mattress are fundamental for maintaining healthy alignment and posture. If your bed simply isn’t comfortable, or you regularly wake up feeling as if you’ve been in a wrestling match rather than fast asleep, it could be time for a change!

A Recipe for Reducing Inflammation

Vegan, Raw and Detox Recipe

Kamalaya's cuisine is inherently anti-inflammatory; making it the perfect accompaniment for anyone looking to reduce the symptoms of aches and pains often associated with structural imbalances. With this in mind, we are delighted to share a brand new recipe Chef Kai has created for you to prepare at home.


Raw Kale Salad is a verdant and energising dish that reduces inflammation, supports detoxification and delivers a wealth of health-enhancing antioxidants.


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Featuring an intelligent synergy of healing modalities from Asia and the West, the Structural Revival program at Kamalaya addresses underlying causes of structural imbalances. It includes specifically targeted Revival Exercises with physiotherapists as well as Pilates to strengthen the body and stabilise the joints. Holistic therapies such as Myofascial Release, assisted stretching and massages help to release and lengthen tight muscles, promote relaxation and freedom of movement.


As well as enhancing muscular posture, correct structural alignment also promotes healthy blood circulation, improves organ function, increases energy flow and positively impacts our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Our team of experts will provide you with tools to continue your journey to increased function, vitality and alignment after returning home.


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