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Personal Yoga Synergy Program: A yoga-loving guest experiences the Kamalaya private yoga retreat

Danielle Demetriou has been practicing yoga for a number of years and normally joins a yoga class four to five times a week at a studio in Tokyo (hectic work schedule  permitting). While she enjoys her regular yoga classes, one of the things she loves about Kamalaya is being able to practice in an open-air yoga sala by the sea.

During her week on the Personal Yoga Synergy program, Danielle learned about the importance of good sleep and that, in terms of her yoga, perhaps a slower, less energetic form or practice might be more beneficial for her. She was also 'blown away' by the Ayurveda treatments.

Danielle thinks the Personal Yoga Synergy program is perfect for both beginners and more experienced yoga levels. "I think the yoga course is perfect for beginners. Because I think when you're first starting yoga that's the most crucial time, because you're laying the foundation for your future practice, so if you can have 1-to-1 teaching at this kind of high-quality level, I think that's the perfect way to start yoga. Even for people who are more experienced, it's a real treat and a real luxury to have someone - just one teacher - who can really target your weak points, and just give you complete attention."

Danielle first visited Kamalaya in January 2009 with her mother and two sisters, when she did the Relax & Renew program and a series of yoga classes with Danny Paradise.
Watch the video to hear Danielle talk about her most recent Kamalaya experience, in her own words.

More about Danielle:
Danielle Demetriou is a British writer who moved from her native London to Tokyo three years ago with her head filled with fantasies of cherry blossoms and daily sushi fixes. Today she lives by a cherry tree lined river in the Nakameguro district and regularly explores the rest of the city on her old granny bicycle in between writing about Japan for a number of magazines and newspapers. A Japan correspondent for the UK Daily and Sunday Telegraph and a Tokyo correspondent for Monocle magazine, she also writes for publications including the Japan Times, Conde Nast Traveller and The National -- in between eating as much sushi as possible.
To read some of Danielle's articles and see her photography, visit www.danielledemetriou.com.