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  Yoga & Sacred Chanting Retreat. Hatha- and Kundalini-Yoga  
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Yoga & Sacred Chanting Retreat with Chelsey Lee Fasano & Julien Balmer

13th – 17th November 2012

Whether completely new to yoga or not, for your next holiday, we cordially invite you to give yourself the gift of attuning to your heart through a one-of-a-kind yoga & chanting escape, with Chelsey Lee Fasano and Julien Balmer.
Combining traditional Hatha- and Kundalini-Yoga with practical applications of the power of sound, vibration, and the human voice, this unique Asian Yoga Holiday retreat centers around the opening of the heart. An empowering and safe space that unconditionally encourages participants to relax, let go, and connect with their essence is being created and maintained throughout the retreat. The mysteries of the age-old yogic tradition of Nada-Yoga and the sacred art form of Kirtan are explained in conjunction with relevant information from musicology, transpersonal psychology, and contemporary brain science. Retreat attendees will gain both experiential and theoretical insight into the evolutionary potential of a devotional yoga practice such as kirtan. 

Kirtan, a Sanskrit word that translates to "praise" or "eulogy," is repetitive call-and-response chanting of sacred and ancient mantras to the accompaniment of traditional instruments such as harmonium and drums. Kirtan is mantra meditation as song. The Sanskrit root man means "to think," while the suffix -tra means "instrument." Therefore, mantra literally translates to "instrument of thought," suggesting the idea of a vehicle or method to calm and discipline the mind and its fluctuating patterns. The practice of devotional singing grants us an opening to greater peace and love, feelings of harmony and deep-felt compassion, and a sense of connection with a greater whole. The audience is included in the performance and a shared spiritual experience bringing joy and an open heart results.

In addition to expertly guided, twice-daily yoga, meditation & kirtan sessions, you will have ample time to enjoy additional à la carte wellness treatments to cleanse, restore, and de-stress your body even further.

For further information and bookings, please visit the Asian Yoga Holiday’s website: http://asianyogaholidays.com