Body Tuning Yoga

Body Tuning Yoga and “Coming Home” Therapy

Coming Home
Yoga retreats Koh Samui, ThailandLife gets busy. Things happen. Time races by. Your schedule becomes impossibly full. And then, it happens. The disconnect.  It begins with the niggling sensation of being off-center. Not quite right. Then it progresses to greater levels of disharmony and restlessness that can manifest as fatigue, an inability to concentrate, indecision, reactivity and anger which can slip us into old behavioral patterns that seemed far behind. You stop listening, stop hearing. Maybe, even, you stop being able to care. Your muse goes silent.  And though nothing in particular is really wrong, an inner command begins to nudge you back home.

Coming Home transpersonal work is Diana’s signature approach to spiritual growth, combining modern therapeutics, world philosophies and ancient healing art traditions into a very special encounter with the Honest Self.

 In 75-minute individual private or couples sessions, each creatively structured to address the issues on your mind and in your heart, Diana uses a multi-dimensional toolbox to guide you to the moments you push toward and rear against, the ones that ultimately change your life. Using shamanic paths and alternate levels of consciousness, Diana helps you strike up the real conversation between you and your soul, between your mind and the universal mind.  What happens next is remarkable. You turn from where you do not want to be and point your attention toward where you do want to be. You go from being stuck, to becoming.

As connection is made, you gain fresh and exciting perspective, seeing things you overlooked in disconnect mode. You figure things out, and come to your own soulful solutions, no longer driven to choices out of fear, desperation or habit. You are filled with self-confidence and inspiration to continue your life path, your work and your art.  You find juicy, nourishing questions, intuitive answers and real-life keys. As you launch these inner investigations you discover new dimensions and connect to what could best be called your inner being. As attention is drawn inward and maintained there, the energetic truths underlying your life are revealed. Not as fuzzy concepts, or new age hype, but as real, full-fledged inner knowings that help you connect to the bigger picture--the one you lost and without which, life becomes more about the motions than the meaning.

Learning to steward your body and your mind and to provide generous expression to your Spirit as you navigate through life requires courage, fierce grace, humor and desire. It also requires a deep commitment to stay positive. Sometimes it requires holding on, sometimes, letting go. The results of this deeply intimate encounter with self can range from quiet contentment to the arm-waving Eureka of revelation. Coming Home work provides the inner environment, the tools and the template to understand your life, to move past the obstacles or traumas of the past to the full, gleaming possibilities of the future. As you stop running from yourself, you come home, and that is utter sweetness.

Body Tuning Yoga
Yoga retreats Koh Samui, ThailandAs humans, we have a remarkable vocabulary of movement as well as a capacity to reason that is unique to our species. Body Tuning Yoga actively involves these unique human features in an investigation of movement and consciousness. It sees the body as an instrument that, with focus and training, can be tuned to greater and greater levels of awareness, mobility and freedom.

Body Tuning yoga has its noble roots in the therapeutic work of physical therapist par excellence Shmuel Tatz. It was further developed by master yogi and physical therapist Glenn Black to include yoga movements as self-corrective devices for restrictions. Diana adds her experience and perspective as both transpersonal therapist and seasoned yogini and instructor to enhance the body and mind connection.

Using advanced yoga teachings that emphasize the placement of breath, awareness and the physical body, classic yoga asanas are broken down with great care and precision.  Specialized exercises serve to both diagnose and correct specific problems, particularly as they manifest in reduced joint mobility.

Hands-on corrections, props and painstaking attention are provided to safely address and improving these problem areas of the body.  The result of this challenging and highly spirited yoga practice is a sense of spaciousness and fluidity, a discipline and understanding of the body that can be used both on and off the mat, and some precious self-care tools to apply on one’s own. Body tuning yoga cultivates a keen sense of center and calm, improves balance and core strength, and increases joint mobility. It is suitable for all practice levels, from absolute yoga beginners to advanced practitioners. Please dress comfortably for class so clothes do not inhibit movement.