Singing Bowl Treatment with Winnie Rode

Sound creates, sound changes, and sound heals. Singing bowls produce sound waves that harmonise the brain and stimulate the body to rediscover its own frequency. The different frequencies produced by the bowls, such as alpha, beta, gamma and theta (and more) are carried throughout the body by the water in our cells. These help to release repressed emotions and stimulate feelings of joy and happiness.

Singing bowls recreate the original harmonic frequency, and encourage the body to rediscover its own frequency by bringing it into resonance with the singing bowls.

During a session different bowls are used around and on your body while you are reclined on your back. This allows Winnie to tune into your harmonic frequency and clear your chakras and aura. While deeply relaxing, this session promotes joy and peace.

Singing bowl treatments promote healing for conditions such as: a broken heart, sadness, depression, cardiac troubles, drug abuse, insomnia, muscle tension, rheumatism, and tinnitus, while also benefi cial for pregnant women and babies.

Open Mind, Open Heart

Holistic healing makes no distinction between the body and the spirit. Many people feel their spirit has been touched when they listen to the sound of singing bowls. Take note of innermost experiences and feelings, and let them go. Be aware of rational thoughts and emotions. This is the meaning of 'open mind and open heart'.

Winnie Rode is a German artist, an ordained Buddhist philosophy and meditation teacher (Lama), in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a shaman and long term sound therapist.