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  The Yoga Academy  

Eija Tervonen

11th to 18th January 2014

Eija Tervonen offers balanced Hatha Yoga classes incorporating a yang and yin approach to the practice. This approach is based on care and respect for our joints, which is reflected in appropriate preparation of joints for yoga postures and attention to alignment when moving into, maintaining and moving out of yoga postures. Traditional linear movement patterns are balanced with  circular and spiral movement. In the restorative yin approach, postures are primarily floor-based and practiced with the use of yoga props. There is a keen focus on breath awareness, mindful presence and gentle, passive, relatively long holds in postures that stimulate the connective tissues of our body. Eija’s Hatha Yoga classes involve kneeling, standing, lying and seated postures, which offer the spine and joints a range of movement.

Originally from Finland, Eija has been practicing yoga for 18 years, and teaching for over 12 years. She has studied extensively with some of the world's most esteemed teachers and has completed four teacher trainings in various styles of yoga, most recently in Iyengar yoga. Eija now teaches internationally alongside Simon Low at The Yoga Academy. With a keen interest in yoga, somatic awareness and sustainable movement, she is dedicated to safe, skilful and effective, anatomically conscious teaching and practice, specializing in back care.

For information about Eija visit www.theyogaacademy.org