Kamalaya's Holistic Spa

Holistic Spa

Healing with Ancient & Contemporary Therapies & Facilities

Kamalaya's Holistic Spa brings together authentic ancient healing traditions with contemporary therapies and facilities to nurture your being in every way. The Spa itself is a tranquil oasis set amidst tropical vegetation and granite boulders, with serene views of the sea below.

A diverse range of holistic therapies, therapeutic body treatments, restorative massages, and nurturing body treatments are offered by highly skilled therapists. We invite you forget the stresses of your day and explore the possibilities ...

Holistic & Therapeutic Body Treatments

Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage)

Unique to Thailand, Chi Nei Tsang is excellent for a diversity of health imbalances from digestive problems to nervous tension and stress. It promotes circulation and therefore health of the internal organs, while also balancing the nervous system to release stress and facilitate healing. Based on the Taoist theory that refers to the "gut' as a "second brain', this treatment releases stored emotional and psychological tension and stress thereby promoting healing on an emotional level. A series of treatments is most beneficial. Chi Nei Tsang is especially recommended for all detoxification, stress release and weight balancing programs.

Lymphatic Drainage 

This full body treatment helps the return of the lymphatic fluid to the circulatory system, removing waste and dead cells, so is also seen as an excellent treatment to complement a detox program and boost immunity, as well as to reduce any fluid retention and cellulite. A gentle specialised technique is used in this massage, as lymph is situated just beneath the skin. It is a natural way to re-harmonize the physical, mental, and energy levels of the body thus providing a sense of well-being. For maximum benefits 2 or more treatments are recommended.


Reiki, a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life Energy', is a therapy in which the Reiki healer is a channel or conduit for the energy. Reiki is an extremely effective technique for stress release and total relaxation. A sense of peace, vitality, and joy combined with the extremely pleasant feeling of security are common experiences. Reiki accelerates the body's natural healing power and opens the mind, body and spirit to balance on an emotional and mental level. It is a nurturing energy that harmonises the mind, body and soul.

Indian Head Massage

Based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, this treatment is used to massage and relieve tension from your shoulders, neck, back and scalp. Using deep thumb and finger pressure, you will experience improved circulation, the release of emotional and physical tension, and an enhanced state of relaxation.

Traditional Asian Hand Massage

Inspired by Korean hand acupuncture this highly effective treatment opens the energy channels of your chest, lungs, and heart centre thereby facilitating the release of accumulated emotional stress and old emotional patterns. Profoundly effective for opening your heart centre and facilitating joy, love, and bliss, this treatment has a deeply balancing effect on your psyche.

Traditional Asian Foot Massage

Ancient Chinese theory of approximately 5000 years ago observed that feet are miniature maps of your entire body and specific points on the feet were found to correspond to all major body parts and organs. This treatment uses specific pressure points to systematically activate the nerve reflexes, thereby stimulating all body organs and tissues to improve overall function and wellbeing.

Vital Essence Oil Massage

Kamalaya's unique Vital Essence Massage combines Asian knowledge energy principles with the science of aromatherapy to create the perfect fusion between East and West for a magical and harmonizing experience. This massage is a simple and effective way to increase your health, balance your emotions, and enhance your life. One of our Five Element essential oils will be selected to suit your constitution: Water, Wood (Air), Fire, Earth, and Metal (Ether).

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is based on the discovery of 10 invisible energy lines called Sen, which run along the body. Your journey begins with a masterful combination of Thai stretching techniques and deep tissue pressure point massage. This stimulates the blood flow, release of toxins, and allows the body to naturally heal itself and restore suppleness. Thai massage can help accelerate the pace and reduce any discomfort from the detoxification process by having a daily treatment. This treatment is available with or without the use of a hot herbal compress.

Holistic & Therapeutic Body Treatments

Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage),

Lymphatic Drainage , Reiki,

Indian Head Massage...


Nurturing Body Treatments

Oriental Herbal Detoxifying Body Scrub & Wrap

Oriental herbs are used to gently exfoliate the body while increasing overall circulation. This is followed by an invigorating wrap using Thai White Mud, which has long been used by Thai women for cleansing and brightening the skin. The addition of aromatic Thai herbs, each specially selected for their beauty and health-enhancing properties, will warm and stimulate to enhance circulation. This treatment is recommended for water retention, sluggish circulation, muscular problems, and detoxification.

Lotus Seed Scrub

A unique selection of lotus seeds are used to exfoliate the body and remove dead skin, while the power of lotus aromatherapy helps to relax the mind and awaken your inner spirituality. Recommended for dry, sensitive, dehydrated, and/or sun burned skin.

Lotus Blossom Wrap

Treat yourself to the Lotus Blossom Wrap to replenish, hydrate and heal the skin while enjoying a 20 minute scalp massage. The power of lotus aromatherapy helps to relax the mind and awaken your inner spirituality. Recommended for dry, sensitive, dehydrated, and/or sunburned skin.

Lotus Scrub & Wrap

Combining the exfoliating benefits of our Lotus Seed Scrub and the replenishing and healing properties of Lotus Blossom Wrap for a rejuvenating mind-body experience.

Aloe Vera Wrap

Aloe Vera aids in the gentle removal of dead skin cells improving the skin's ability to hydrate itself. With its anti-inflammatory qualities, this cooling and soothing leave-on wrap is perfect for skin overexposed to the sun or to ease itchiness from skin irritations and insect bites. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Day Spa Packages

Enjoy any treatment of your choice in a private and magical setting with your friend or special partner. Each of these enchanting rooms has a private Steam and Bath and a balcony on which to relax after your treatment and immerse yourself in the magnificent views. The following treatments are all also available in private treatment rooms for individuals.

Heaven & Earth

Designed to create a state of total relaxation, Heaven and Earth includes an Indian Head Massage followed by a Private Herbal Steam. An Asian Foot and Hand massage completes this experience of full body harmony.

Renewed Essence

A layering of treatments designed to strip away stress and accumulated armours in order to unveil your true essence. Combining oil lathering, Private Herbal Steam, Body Exfoliation and finishing with a 90-minute Vital Essence Oil Massage, this ultimate ritual will leave you in a blissful state of renewal.

Lotus Realm

Begin this indulgent treatment with a Herbal Steam, followed by Lotus Blossom exfoliation and blissful Lotus Blossom Wrap. A 90-minute Vital Essence Oil Massage completes this nurturing experience.

Jewel of the Orient

Integrating the best of Eastern techniques, this ancient Oriental ritual begins with a Private Herbal Steam to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for the deeper therapeutic treatments. The Oriental Herbal Detoxifying Body Scrub stimulates circulation while increasing antioxidant activity and vibrancy in the cells. The Vital Essence Oil Massage in combination with hot Herbal Compress, followed by your choice of Asian Facial treatment, creates an experience of restoration and rejuvenation unlike any other.

Spa Zone

Steam Cavern

Refresh your body with the use of the Steam Cavern.
Ideal before a massage or body treatment to open the pores, stimulate and cleanse the skin, clear the lungs, promote circulation, and relax the body.
The Steam Cavern combines the elements of Fire and Water.

Ambient Plunge Pools

Effective hydrotherapy works by using alternating hot and cool temperatures to exercise the cardiovascular system through dilation and contraction.
Following any wet (steam) heat treatment, it is recommended to follow by taking at least 5 slow breaths in the cool plunge pool.