Balance & Revitalise Comprehensive program for Adrenal Burnout

The intense Balance & Revitalise Comprehensive program was created for those already suffering the affects of adrenal burnout. Deeply restorative and healing, this program deals holistically with the symptoms and underlying causes of adrenal burnout, and addresses stress prevention and recovery from a mind, body and spirit perspective. It also prepares you to make the best of future challenges and opportunities by helping you to maintain your balance during stress and change. Combining restorative therapies and nutrition with personal consultations in Naturopathic Lifestyle, Nutrition and Stress management, the program also includes nutritional supplements and herbal supplements and remedies to support your recovery. If required, additional medical tests are available following your consultation. Extra charges will apply. Balance & Revitalise Comprehensive is available as either a 7 or 14 night package.

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