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Luo Mei Juan - Tai Chi Master

8-21 February, Mei introduces her work at 6:30 pm on 16 Feb., Alchemy Lounge 

Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water, Yet nothing can better overcome the hard and strong, For they can neither control nor do away with it.  - Tao Te Chi  

Tai Chi Qi Gong uses a series of postures and movements linked with deep breathing as a meditative technique, bringing awareness of the inner workings of the body and restoring a healthy and balanced sense of wellbeing.  Though there are many styles of Tai Chi Qi Gong, all are based on similar principles: relaxed, rooted posture; straight, supple spine; diaphragmatic respiration (breathing into the abdomen, expanding on inhalation, retracting on exhalation); fluid movements without excess effort; and tranquil awareness.

Master Luo Mei Juan’s treatment uses Tai Chi Qi Gong (Nei Gong) techniques to open energy lines in the body and promote yin/yang balance, resulting in benefits to overall health, alleviating stress and also addressing specific problem areas in the body.

Master Luo Mei Juan operates the Long Tou Shan Martial Arts School in Yangshuo, China, and has more than 15 years of experience teaching Tai Chi to students from around the world. Her father, a Kung Fu master, inspired in her a love for martial arts from her very early childhood. Being traditional, however, her father would not teach his skills to a girl, and she turned to others for instruction. Her first lessons were in the long and short forms of the Yang style. At the age of 17, having already studied Yuan (circle) Neng (energy) Gong with a Taoist Wudang Master, Mei learned acupuncture from Doctor Lei Long Hung, who also introduced her to traditional medicine. By then Mei was practicing Tai Chi daily, and wanted to learn more styles. This led her in 1996 to Chen Village, the home of the Chen Family and 19th Generation Master Chen Zheng Lei, who is recognised by the government as one of China’s 10 greatest martial arts masters.

By 2003, Mei was teaching students in parks and on the waterfront in Yangshuo. She applied to become a Tai Chi Master and took the written and practical exams, which also required her to demonstrate her teaching skills with a group of beginners before the examination panel. Already accredited as a 6th Level Master by the Chinese Wushu Association, and encouraged by her teachers, she began entering competitions. She won her  first silver medals at the Chen Village Elite Tai Chi Tournament in 2004.

Mei has continued to win gold and silver medals for taijiquan and sword at regional and international competitions. Though she is proficient in both sword and hand styles, her speciality is a form of freestyle Chen taijiquan which allows her to select steps from the Lao Jia and the Xin Jia (long forms) and improvise her own sequences. Since 2003 Mei has been apprenticed to Chen Zheng Lei, and returns to Chen Village for three weeks each year to study with him.
In 2007 the Chinese Wushu Association invited Mei to be examined as an Advanced Level Wushu Coach and was subsequently invited to participate in the Beijing Olympics Wushu Competition in 2008: Mei won two gold medals and a ticket to the Olympics. In 2009 she won two gold medals at the annual Chinese Wushu Association competition.
Today Mei not only teaches full time at the Long Tou Shan Martial Arts School but also regularly gives demonstrations and presentations at public events. She also teaches in both Thailand and Indonesia, and is available for master classes in both Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi, hand, sword and fan. In addition, Mei gives lessons in Qi Gong, Yoga, Massage and traditional healing techniques. She speaks Chinese and English.

Private sessions, offered 2-4 p.m.: 90 minutes, THB4,500++