Motivation & Stress Management

Health, Motivation & Stress Management with Richard Currall

Are you suffering from stress? Are you under so much pressure to perform at work that your health is affected? Is working in such a high-performance environment causing you to lose sleep?

You are not alone. Millions suffer from stress which can cause all manner of illnesses, from headaches and migraines to ulcers, back pain and muscle tension. Richard Currall has the answer to all these problems literally at his fingertips. He is a healer and motivator who uses his special skills to support people who work in high-pressure environments - from Britain’s Royal Household to staff at multi-national corporations and even Olympic athletes.

Ailments including joint and muscle pain, eczema, asthma, stomach and digestive problems are all linked to stress. All these conditions and more can be alleviated by Richard’s healing hands. His work also goes beyond the purely physical - he has the ability to improve poor sleep patterns and insomnia.

Richard can also improve performance by helping patients focus on their work. Many of the athletes and sportsmen he treats have gone on to perform personal best times. He’s also able to accelerate recovery times from illness or injury, allowing patients to get back to work far more quickly than expected.

From Olympians to office workers, Richard’s treatments improve his clients’ progress towards their goals - whether they seek to achieve their full performance potential or recover from illness. Smoking and other addictive habits can be successfully broken  using these same methods.

Richard discovered more than 20 years ago that he possesses the remarkable talent of identifying areas of pain or discomfort simply by touch. He reduces or eliminates pain by placing his hands close to the affected area and focusing his energy on it. Improvements of all ailments usually occur within a few days.