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Work in Samui, Thailand

Working at Kamalaya Koh Samui

Already benchmarked as the blueprint for future wellness retreats and spa holidays, award winning Kamalaya offers exciting employment opportunities for people who genuinely care about the well-being and happiness of others. The sanctuary comprises a 59-room wellness resort, featuring two restaurants, a tea lounge and extensive wellness and spa facilities. Kamalaya offers wellness solutions that include over 70 treatments from Eastern and Western healing traditions, as well as programs, retreats and holistic classes, all within a resort of outstanding natural beauty. There are many personal and professional growth development opportunities across our wellness and hospitality departments. We are looking for individuals who truly care about people, health and wellbeing and who can provide the best possible service to our guests. We strongly believe that it isn’t just our guests who can explore and experience life’s potential at Kamalaya, but our employees as well. Whichever role you might apply for, you can expect to receive the training and on-going support necessary both for your own development and for the team as a whole. Kamalaya offers competitive packages, benefits and conditions in all positions.

If you would like to apply for any of the currently listed vacancies below please send your CV to our HR department at the following email address: hrs(at)kamalaya.com

Come and join us - feel life’s potential!  

Vacant positions:

Executive Housekeeper

·    To maintain regular and effective communication with all other Heads of Department
·    To supervise the daily activities of all Housekeeping staff to ensure compliance with housekeeping procedures and service standards.
·    Prepare management reports and regular statistical reports as required by the operation or by General Manager
·    To ensure that all occupied rooms are cleaned and prepared for guests on a twice daily basis
·    To implement and maintain a daily inspection program to ensure guest rooms, back of house areas, wellness sanctuary and public areas are clean and supplied with necessary items and services.
·    Liaise with Front Office and Engineering managers to recommend and coordinate all improvements to guest rooms and public areas.
·    To maintain current knowledge of occupancies to ensure that adequate staff are available and roster for duty.
·    Coordinate with the Laundry department that efficient operation of the laundry and laundry services.
·    Manage the uniform room ensuring all staff uniforms are clean, well maintained, press and issued according to company policy.
·    To ensure departmental employees perform their duties in accordance with company policy
·    To regularly report operational matters to the General Manager.
·    To ensure that correct procedures are observed in the formulation of contracts and  sub contracts.
·    To ensure that all company cost of sales, wage percentages and regular budget figures are maintained according to budget.
·    To maintain regular and effective communication with other Heads of Department.
·    To assign responsibilities to subordinates and to check their performance periodically.

·    Degree or Certificate in any field
·    Good command of spoken & written in English
·    Minimum five years experience in Housekeeping Management in a five star hotel or similar standard property


A thorough knowledge of naturopathic systems and modalities with a minimum of three years clinical experience.  A deeper knowledge of cellular detoxification, weight control and stress management is preferred

The ability to work as part of a large team and to show cross cultural sensitivity in dealings with colleagues and guests is very important

A self-motivated team player with a personable disposition and excellent people skills, including the ability to relate to people in a friendly, understanding, and professional manner

The ability to speak a foreign language is preferred

Please email wellnessdirector(at)kamalaya.com for more in depth information regarding this current Naturopathic position.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Positioned as one of the industry leaders, Kamalaya’s team comprises of talented individuals delivering oriental holistic therapies such as acupuncture, Chinese massages, herbs and more. We are looking for motivated, capable, positive Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who is willing to make a pro-active contribution to the team’s growth, guests’ well-being and overall team spirit and culture.

The perfect candidate will not only have an understanding and level of practice of Chinese medicine but will also show the qualities of a committed team member with a strong service mind. The cultural environment is mainly Thai with several expat staff so cross cultural sensitivity is very important. A self- motivated team player with a personable disposition and excellent people skills are key, including the ability to relate to people in a friendly, understanding and professional manner.

The required qualifications include good written and spoken English, a minimum of three years of working experience as Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are looking for someone with an up-to-date knowledge of Chinese therapies confirmed by a university or college Degree.

Meditation and Life Change / Transformation Expert
·    Experience in 3-5 years of active teaching practice to diverse audiences is required as well as proven proficiency
     in counseling.
·    Excellent written and spoken in English.
·    Some deeper knowledge of mind dynamics and stress management are also preferable.
·    Have achieved a qualification from recognized University or institution.
·    Training or degrees in psychology or Yoga are most relevant.
·    A respect for and desire to learn about other healing modalities and openness and passion for learning and the
     ability to work with other practitioners as part of a team.
·    Outstanding in particular field of interest/practice.
·    A desire to share these modalities with guests and colleagues for the continued Improvement of the service on
     offer at Kamalaya.
·    A self-motivated team player with a personable disposition and excellent people skills, including the ability to
     relate to people in a friendly, understanding and professional manner.

Wellness Development Trainer
·    Age 28 years plus.
·    Degree or Certificate in Spa therapies, including training certificates of all courses attended for knowledge
     update. Trainer certification required
·    Excellent written and spoken in English.
·    Minimum 5 years experience as therapist.
·    A deep commitment to healing and to serving others.
·    A respect for and desire to learn about other healing and spa modalities and openness and passion for learning
     other approaches to spa treatments and the ability to work with other practitioners as part of a team.
·    A self-motivated team player with a personable disposition and excellent people skills, including the ability to
     relate to people in a friendly, understanding and professional manner.
·    Ability to use Opera system to be able to blocked therapist from their schedule for a training.
·    Ability to work with other practitioners as part of a team.

Assistant Chief Accountant / Chief Accountant
·    Male/female in Thai Nationality only
·    Age over 30 years old
·    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
·    Minimum 3 years experience in the position as Assistant Chief Accountant/Chief Accountant and experience in
     hotel business
·    Have a good command of English
·    Ability to multi-task, work under pressure and meet deadline required

Purchasing Manager / Assistant Purchasing Manager
·    Thai Male / Female
·    Age above 28 years old
·    Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the
     brand and the Company
·    Proficient in the use of Internet, E-mail and Microsoft Office, if can use MC (Materials Control) system would be an
·    Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities.
·    Good command of English both written and spoken
·    Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration or similar certification.
·    5 years experience in hotel business

Senior Wellness Receptionist
·    Male or female Ages 28 years plus.
·    Bachelor degree in Business Administration or relate field.
·    Minimum 3 years experience in personnel assistant, administrative or accounting.
·    Good communication in English written and spoken.
·    Ability of excel sheet calculation, report design and other computer skill is require.
·    Very good communication skill.

SPA Therapist
·    Experience in similar position or 150 hours Thai massage certification มีประสบการณ์ในการนวดไทย นวดตัว นวดเท้า หรือมีใบประกาศ อย่างน้อย 150 ชั่วโมง
·    Basic communication in English สามารถสื่อสารภาษาอังกฤษขั้นพื้นฐานได้

·    Male/Female ages 22-35 years.
·    At least 1 years experience in relate position.
·    Best Service mind.
·    Able to communicate in English.
·    Must have excellent level of health.

Other Vacant Position:
·    Public area attendent
·    Carpenter Supervisor