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  Wellness in Thailand : Spiritual Healing at Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand  
Spiritual healing Koh Samui Thailand

Spiritual Healing

Kanta is an Interfaith Minister and Civil Celebrant with twenty years of teaching Spiritual Healing and Meditation throughout Australia, as well as in Europe, India and South East Asia.   She has trained with many great teachers in Spiritual Healing, Aikido, Meditation, and has devolved her own intuitive approach inspired by the teachings of Haidakhand Babaji; Truth, Simplicity and Love.
The sessions Kanta offers are Spiritual Healings. By bringing heightened awareness to the thought patterns and emotions held in the physical and subtle bodies, she can enhance the flow of energy and bring about healing on many levels.Kanta usually works one on one, but can also see couples to help them identify their areas of growth.

Spiritual Healing:
Kanta offers private individual sessions where she devotes herself to seeing and hearing you on many levels of body, mind and spirit. Her Aura Reading is a Spiritual Healing that cuts through whatever is crowding and clouding our mind and heart, enabling us to find the simple joyful truth of who we are. The heart knows this truth, and a reading helps us re-connect, bringing clarity and an effortless realisation of the next step in our life's journey. The process is gentle, simple, and loving. Kanta's readings have helped many people at major turning points in their lives. Others simply feel lighter, more joyful and more confident about their life choices.

Water Workshop:
Kanta will also lead a session inspired by the mystery of water. Rivers, lakes, waterfalls, oceans, ice, mists, underground streams, - how many forms does this element take? We too are largely water, and we cannot live without it. This will be an opportunity to meditate on our essential watery nature, and deepen our respect for this elixir of life. We will experience the power of water to purify and rejuvenate us. It will be a day to tune into age-old practices honouring and celebrating our essential sacred connection with water, and creating our own rituals appropriate for today.