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Yoga therapy Koh Samui Thailand

Yoga Therapy with Lieve Powell

Yoga therapy Koh Samui ThailandYoga therapy helps to reveal and strengthen the healing power within each of us, restructuring our bodies through correct alignment and balancing of muscle tone to heal and prevent injuries. Lieve guides Kamalaya guests and visitors to take active and conscious roles in their own healing, thereby better protecting their health and wellbeing.

She says: Yoga therapy has many tools to make the body and mind strong and flexible and, most importantly, balanced and free. Everyone can benefit, regardless of their condition.  

Lieve addresses problems ranging from neck, shoulder and back pain to respiratory and digestive dysfunction, as well as symptoms of menopause and endocrine-related conditions. Yoga therapy is particularly effective in alleviating symptoms of chronic injuries and protecting against relapse. Her guidance overcomes incorrect breathing patterns to enhance energy flow, a profound element of the healing process. Her therapy work with you can strengthen weak points around existing injuries, unblock energy pathways, and clear areas of accumulated tension.

Lieve works with people of all ages and capacities, using a personalized approach to develop a recovery plan based on poses, movement and breath-work. Clients can then use these plans to continue their own healing at home.

Lieve began her formal yoga training 30 years ago at India’s Kavalyadham Yoga Therapy Centre. Since then she has studied under yoga visionaries including B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar, Deskikachar, and Dona Holleman. In Kathmandu she established her own studio, and has staged teacher and student workshops throughout Europe and Asia. She is also an experienced teacher and an accomplished practitioner of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Lieve teaches yoga sessions each week as part of the regular holistic activities schedule for Kamalaya guests.