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  Vanessa Dietzel: Heart WIsdom and Emotional Release Breathwork  
Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Koh Samui Thailand

Heart Wisdom and Emotional Release Breathwork with Vanessa Dietzel

These modalities help you go home within yourself, to the love, power, wisdom, peace and joy that are your essence. Unless we are connected to and live from our true self, we will always have a sense of missing something. That’s the gap we either try to avoid feeling by distracting ourselves with work, constant thinking and other addictions or attempt to fill with substitutes like food and external manipulations - for example maintaining the semblance of relationships without real sharing and intimacy, or chasing one achievement after another without ever feeling fulfilled. In the physical body, this ‘dis-ease’ manifests as pain or illness.

What you can expect from a session:
·    A closer, more conscious and positive relationship with yourself and hence everything else
·    To address the root causes of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain and discomfort
·    Total support - no matter what you are dealing with or where you are in your process

One-hour Heart Wisdom Session: Similar to snorkeling, you  look below the surface to see what an issue is really about. A great introduction or quick burst of deep inner work, potent enough to experience a genuine shift in your life.

Two-hour Emotional Release Breathwork: This is the equivalent of going diving. With a special breathing technique you release blockages from much deeper in your unconscious. The inner cleanse and resulting transformation are therefore much more powerful. This process requires the completion of an energetic breath cycle, hence cannot be done in less than two hours.

About Vanessa
Vanessa’s love for and dedication to this level of transformational work comes from the continuous healing of her own disconnection. A corporate career burnout prompted her to turn many stones in her inner world, after which she trained and practised extensively in Emotional Release Breathwork and Behavioural Decision Processing, Family Constellations and other modalities in Australia, across Europe and now Asia. She is very grateful to have been able to help so many people with a wide range of issues - including anxiety and depression, childhood issues, experiences of abuse or trauma, lack of clarity in life/career choices - to transform and lead empowered, connected and joyful lives.

For further information and bookings please contact the Wellness Reception or call ext. 17003