Classical Osteopathy and Physiotherapy with Peter Leys MScPT DipO

10th March - 19th April

A diamond is the most crystallized form of Carbon. It contains the most profound memory of the evolution of the earth. In the same way the bones are the most crystallized structure of our body containing the most profound memory of our human evolution.

When extracted, a diamond has an absolute ordinary esthetic appearance. When it undergoes the process of very delicate, precise and genius cuts, it becomes the most shiny and brilliant object we know in the world.

The Transformation of our profound Memory towards the most authentic individual and brilliant expression of our Emotions, our Identity and our Creativity can be compared with the delicate, precise and genius cutting of a diamond; this can often be painful and difficult to appreciate while taking place, especially taking in account processes like aging, menopause or any kind of pathology or trauma.

Peter's Osteopathy is the realignment of the cranial-sacral system, the internal organs & the musculoskeletal structure in order to activate the passion for Transformation that resides in the matrix of our bones. Through very delicate manual techniques and a profound understanding of human suffering, this transformation can be guided into a serene and peaceful process.

Peter's studies started in Brussels in 1981 initially in Physiotherapy & progressing in Osteopathy. He established a very successful clinic in Bologna in 1993, which came to involve collaboration with many other fields of healing. He developed a theory about embryological development and its correlation to creative growth. While maintaining his teachings & referral consultations in Italy, Peter now practices on the island of Koh Samui, where he has found the benefits of his treatments to be enhanced by the magnetic energies of the island.

Peter can give consultations in English, French, Italian, Dutch as well as German. For further information and bookings please contact the Wellness Reception or call ext. 1700