Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Koh Samui Thailand

Hypnotherapy and holistic counseling with Victoria Brown

Victoria Brown is a Holistic Wellbeing Consultant with a wealth of knowledge accumulated through extensive training around the world and experiencing life at her family's Residential Spa since the age of three.

She understands and empathizes with people's need to look and feel as healthy and beautiful as possible throughout their lives and not just when illness occurs.

Her skills include psychotherapy and holistic counseling, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, energy healing and Reiki Masters. Her extensive studies have included yoga in Nepal, meditation, vibrational healing and inner child work in Australia, and hypnotherapy and physical therapies in the UK. She teaches, trains, and consults around the world at leading Destination Spa's, and holds retreats in the UK, Spain, and Egypt.

She has created a hybrid combination of therapies which clients find exceptionally relaxing and transformational. An increased sense of self awareness and clarity allows you to feel more at home in your own body and happier with who you are and who you want to be.

Victoria's treatments, combined with her warm and empathetic nature, are beneficial for those suffering from:

•  Stress & burnout
•  Grief
•  Lack of direction
•  Sleep problems
•  Eating disorders and issues with weight
•  Phobias