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Thyroid Function Assessment Koh Samui Thailand

Non-Invasive Thyroid Function Assessment with Dr. Daryl Turner

27 September – 5 October 2009

Dr. Turner introduces his work Sept. 27 & 30 at 6:30 at the Alchemy Lounge– all are welcome!  

Non-Invasive Thyroid Function Assessment Koh Samui, ThailandAre you often tired or worn down? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you have problems with your weight, or do you feel cold all the time? Do you have dry skin, or occasionally have trouble remembering things?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, you may have low metabolic energy. While these symptoms may seem like minor nuisances you can live with, they actually indicate an under-active metabolism. The best way to eliminate them, restoring both your metabolic balance and energy, is to diagnose and correct the underlying problem.

The most common cause of low metabolism and decreased metabolic energy is poor thyroid and/or adrenal function. Restoring metabolic energy helps the body heal and balance itself, allowing the self-repair mechanisms to function well again and restore health.

Since 2000, Dr. Turner has primarily researched non-invasive medical testing devices for the human body. This research culminated in the development with a colleague of non-invasive devices for testing thyroid, adrenal, iodine and heart function, as well as screening methods for dysfunction, imbalance, infections and sensitivities.

Now, for the first time in Asia, and exclusively at Kamalaya, Dr. Turner is offering the non-invasive thyroid function test to diagnose sub-clinical under active thyroid conditions.  While standard blood tests for thyroid function may have a margin of error as high as 40%, Dr. Turner’s simple and effective test has been shown to be 98% accurate.
A Doctor of Philosophy, Dr. Turner focused on stress management in the human body and is the founder of companies including the Thyroid & Adrenal Research Institute and the For Need Foundation, an international charity. He is keenly interested in intellectual property development and holds a number of patents.