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Aura readings with Kerry Dwyer

Kerry Dwyer is an Australian clairvoyant energy healer whose work is well known in Australia, Europe and Asia. Many people are experiencing increased pressure – globally change is happening in many spheres whether we like it or not, and we are looking for ways to meet the challenge.

An aura reading may bring to light a desire to change that which has been dogging your heels for some time; manifesting as discomfort, stress, even illness. Physical, emotional and spiritual health are very much interconnected.

She begins her sessions by asking: Who are you? Who are you really? Are you happy with your life? Is there anything you would like to change? The high energy of an aura reading helps you to release blockages such as old suppressed emotions, outmoded beliefs and inherited thought patterns, which will benefit your health and wellbeing.

Kerry Dwyer is an energy healer and interfaith minister. She has trained in many healing modalities to support her innate clairvoyant abilities: spiritual healing, shiatsu, Reiki, aikido, macrobiotics, Qi gong and shamanism. Her methods, accumulated over many years of spiritual and healing practice, help you identify and release what is crowding your mind and heart.