Spa resort Koh Samui, Thailand

Top 5 exotic detox retreats

Caroline Sylge, the author of Body & Soul Escapes, picks five of the best places around the world to cleanse and chill and offers tips on how to detox

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa
Koh Samui, Thailand
From US$250 (£125) per person per night
(+66 (0) 77429800; www.kamalaya.com)

The delectable Kamalaya wellness sanctuary launched an Essential Detox Retreat in 2007, a seven day retreat held every month grounded in medical research but combining holistic medicine and therapies from different healing traditions. Each person receives a Wellness Orientation, daily massage, detox meal plans, specialist detox treatments, herbal remedies and supplements to ensure a safe and effective detox.

Special classes and presentations help support you in your personal goals - or just chill out in the beautiful location and let the fasting do all the work. A powerfully rejuvenating space centred round a tiny cave temple that once served as a place of meditative retreat for Buddhist monks, Kamalaya is fairly remote and peaceful so don't expect to see any evidence of Samui's party scene. You'll sleep in sensitively designed villas, bungalows and suites tucked into the natural landscape - modern interior design emphasises serenity and comfort. You can also do a Detox and Rejuvenation Programme, starting any time and lasting from three to to 21 days.

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