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The ultimate indulgence is to pamper yourself at a spectacularly exotic spa. Luxuriate at 50 of the finest in Asia.

Story by Judy Chapman (From Luxury Travel & Style (Australia). Edition 31, Winter 2007)

Spas set in palaces and private villas, treatments inspired by ancient rituals, cutting-edge diagnostics or simple outdoor baths with the scent of monsoon rain lingering in the air - luxury spas today are so much more than treatments - it's the quality of food, fitness, therapists and ambience that counts. In a world where time is the essence, it's little wonder we crave time-honored healing experiences. Home to a diverse range of healing modalities, Asia is the destination for remedial experiences. The new luxury in spas is raw, remote and rare.


Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand Lush green forests and streams overlooking an exquisite cove add to this beautiful wellness destination. Stay in earthy but well-appointed villas and embark on detox and anti-aging programs with a team of doctors and healers at your beck and call. Indulge in: 'Body Bio-Impedance Analysis' that reads your cellular health, metabolism and toxicity levels, www.kamalaya.com