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  Kamalaya a journey into heart . A true sanctuary to focus on relaxation and health  

Kamalaya is like being held in a warm embrace. I came here very tired after 2 weeks of travelling for work. I relaxed – I mean really relaxed. I learned about nutrition ... and I learned more about me. What a gift!
Debra Burke, US. July 2015

I came with severe back pain and left with much less. But even more important: I am taking home so many tools (mentally & physically) to improve my condition in the future which I have never been taught eleswhere
Ivonne Truebger, Germany. June 2015

KAMALAYA can undo and heal in a few days. What the rest of the year in “Reality” can seek to destroy. Its all the affirmation you need that love really does have all the answer – love for your guest that is
Gemma Nemer, UAE. May 2015

It’s not only the amazing food, quality therapists and activities which make KAMALAYA special. But also it was the connection and re-connection with people that KAMALAYA brought to us! Thank you from heart
Mio Shinohara, Japan. April 2015

After  five days of peaceful surrounding, the nurturing care and kindness of the staff, the healing hands and hearts of therapists and the delicious and nourishing food, I feel refreshed, restored and ready to feel life’s potential
Carey Bohjanen, UK. February 2015

I absolutely loved my stay and didn’t want to leave. The best I’ve ever been to. I’ll be back
Amanda Walker, UK. January 2015

Kamalaya promises great things and easily delivers. Its secret weapons are the staff and the food. Possibly the best two weeks of the past ten years for me.
Richard Turner, UK. December 2014

Staying at KAMALAYA is an experience you’ll never forget. Special mention to all staff who were absolutely fantastic. They treat you with so much kindness and warmth it was amazing. I’m gonna miss you all and I know for sure that I’ll come back!
Marloes Janssen, Netherland. November 2014

All I can say to you is you will a walk out of here a different person. With clarity, gratefulness, at peace and feeling blessed to have experienced the uniqueness of Kamalaya. The magic of Kamalaya will stay with you until you can get back here once again.
Ms. Tegan Glass, Australia. October 2014

The outstanding staff, impeccable facilities and beautiful natural surroundings make Kamalaya a true paradise. Perfect to relax and restore balance to one’s life.
Eric Mehler, US. September 2014

Kamalaya is and has been my small secluded place of healing and restoration of spirits. It has something mystical about the whole place – from wellness centre, to where you enjoy a meal or rest.
Gwendoline Brooker, UK. August 2014

At Kamalaya the world lies at your feet! If you feel unhappiness of any kind in your private, work or any other aspect of your life, this is where to go. The positivity and sense of harmony, it’s truly magical, I love it!
Antonia Groh, Austria. June 2014

Kamalaya is one of the few places you can not only relax, but rebuild yourself, from the outside in and inside out because of the support and guidance from so many very experienced people. That alongside the beautiful food (and I was on the detox!), the people and the exquisite location has set me up for another year of running a business.
Catherine Jessie Walker Parry, UK. May 2014

Like the lotus flower which is ever so beautiful even in stagnantly dirty water, may Kamalaya spread its positivity amongst all odds that its guests encounter!
Monica Anand, India. April 2014

The Detox experience at Kamalaya was more than I expected. Not only has my body felt cleansed. My mind and soul feel cleansed by the connection with nature. It’s amazing. Thank you very much.
Simone Chen, Singapore. March 2014

This is a place to relax, recharge, meet amazing people from around the world, make new friends and make peace with you.
Rachel Davidson, US. February 2014

Kamalaya is the only place I have been where the experience is better than the website promise!
Jette Svane Broegger, Luxembourg. January 2014

A profoundly deep authenticity, beauty and gentleness are felt in everything you see, touch, taste and experience. A place where you are deeply nurtured, but at the same time left to just “Be”. No pedaling of products and the like. An incredible experience in a true league of its own!
Lucille Marie Essey, Hong Kong. December 2013

Excellent, healthy food, great service, expect to have great fun in the fitness classes, enjoy a beautiful sunset, come with an open mind and you will experience health and go away with so much more! Feel life’s potential indeed!
Sindy Wong, Singapore. November 2013

Kamalaya should be added to Webster directory, meaning, peace, serenity + happiness. Thank you, I had a wonderful stay.
Belinda Sue-hau Wong, Hong Kong. October 2013

This is a real heaven on earth; you are surrounded by happiness and smiling people anticipating your needs and wishes. Top class service throughout Kamalaya. Perfect place to stay away from global crisis and everyday stress.
Monika Joanna Roznerska, Poland. September 2013

Once you’ve been to Kamalaya you just want to keep coming back. Not just for its peacefulness, but for the food, the treatments, the view and the welcome. Incredibly restorative!
Michelle Maria Paisley, Hong Kong. August 2013

This was my first experience vacationing alone, as soon as I stepped into my room and saw the lovely touches and amazing view, I was in love. This is truly a sanctuary which offers a personal and nurturing experience that other 5 star resorts I’ve stayed in cannot begin to compete with. I felt refreshed throughout my stay.
Leslie Marie Tang, Hong Kong. July 2013

Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating your self. Kamalaya gives you the opportunity to truly create yourself. Remember this experience, take it home treasure it and pass it on to those your love.
Ursula Kate Hall, New Zealand. June 2013

The last time I visited Kamalaya I was in a very dark place & Kamalaya brought me back to the light with such love & care. On feeling the sheer exhaustion of stressful living Kamalaya was the natural choice to bring me back to good health, happiness & harmony … and again Kamalaya brought me back to me.
Catrin Elizabeth Brain, UK. May 2013

A truly remarkable, spiritual place with the power to transform lives. I leave Kamalaya a different person to the one who arrived, with new found purpose, deep inner strength and ready to embark on a completely new journey in life.
Craig Russell Cooper, Switzerland. April 2013

Like an unfolding lotus flower, felt this incredible and overwhelming sense of inner peace, open up and engulf my mind, body and soul.
Jenny Mary O'Callaghan, Australia. March 2013

For me, Kamalaya is like a rare jewel, just to be here is like therapy and joy for all mind, body and soul it helps me release stressful patterns and (re) gain new inspiration, joy, power and inner peace. Thank you.
Sandra Raphaela, Switzerland. February 2013

This week has been an amazing time of reconnection, Kamalaya offers the perfect environment to really find you again, the food the staff and treatments as well as the daily activities perfectly so I would recommend it to everyone.
Terri Ann Lynam, UK. January 2013

Best detox I have experienced! Small paradise with pristine surrounding, amazing food and treatments and a very caring, supportive and professional staff. Thank you Kamalaya.
Claudia Sofia Hyun, Singapore. December 2012

First I have to say “thank you” for such a perfect, lovely and creative place you made! Everything is so easy here and you can visit your own soul and fly away with her into the sunset. Thanks for giving awareness to our nature and our planet.
Anja Fritzsche, Germany. November 2012

When I arrived I was really tried and exhausted and down after two weeks in Kamalaya and being on the Asian Bliss program I feel like a new person, my batteries recharged, thanks to all the members of staff for their support, it’s a truly happy place.
Sabine Karls, Germany. October 2012

You can’t help but feel love and positivity at Kamalaya as you absorb the beautiful energy of all the smiling, happy people that surround you, I return to my world with a new outlook, peace and energy for my life, cleansed inside and out, thank you amazing Kamalaya.
Megan Mould, Australia. September 2012

A truly wonderful place, excellent service with such friendly and warm staffs. I’ve been massaged and pummeled to within an inch of my life and loved it. Thank you.
Cassie Francesc Barrett, UK. August 2012

Kamalaya is such a special place that you don’t come across very often. I have reached my goals, while enjoying every minutes, quite a surprise when you are on a detox.
Gemma Jane Scott, Great Britain. July 2012

Kamalaya is a journey into health + well being, like no other it provides you with the necessary options to make sustainable changed in your life.
Graeme Hayes, Australia. May 2012

I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first wellness trip but I’m overwhelmed by the professional and the warm blanket of the staff I’ve got much more than I could ever hope.
Brigitta Brink, Netherlands. April 2012

I tried to take nice photos and I failed, I tried to find good words to explain my experience and I failed, I cannot express or capture what I take back in my heart, thank you for enjoyable stay and outstanding service.
Christian Mueller, HongKong. February 2012

I had a great time the Asian Bliss Program was exactly what it promised to be, Thanks.
Neeltje van Horen, USA.  January  2012

Every time I come to Kamalaya, I find the answer to the major question I have in my life at that time and it come to me without searching, and everything becomes so clear here, thank you.
Rachel Bronwyn Sharp, Australia. November 2011

Kamalaya met all of my expectations most of which were high, and more importantly, made me aware of all of the other things I needed without recognizing them I have never experienced such a beautiful, healing, restorative holiday Kamalaya will become a annual gift to myself, thank you.
Katrina James, Singapore. October 2011

When we arrived we were depleted physically & exoterically drained Kamalaya is send us home rested, feeling able to deal with our lives, a wonderful team is a wonderful magical place, thank you for a life changing experience.  
Vanesa Goossens, UK. September 2011

"A magical setting for a journey that goes beyond physical well being Kamalaya naturally."
Da Silva Ines, HongKong. August 2011

"My job had run me into the ground hard, I needed something, somewhere that would strip away the layers of stress, tension…and fat, Kamalaya was exactly that place first time to Thailand and I didn’t even step foot outside the resort…I just didn’t feel the need, everything I was looking for was right here."
Johanna Emond, Australia. August 2011

"I came for a work out experience I found a small paradise, the good was just outstanding, I left not only in tip top shape but also dreaming of the wonderful meals we had were they really all detox."
Claudia Zeisberger, Singapore. July 2011

"What a fantastic place I will come back every year the perfect place to relax with excellent food and outstanding service."
Sarah Vallance, HongKong. June 2011

"My first stay, 4 mouths ago, was life-changing. It was as though I had been in a spiritual, mental and physical washing machine-I came out of it as a new woman. With this second stay, it feels like returning home, to the Kamalaya family."
Babette Schmidt, Netherland. April 2011

"The one place I don’t get bored. Coming back again and again. Always looking forward to another welcome by the always smiling staff. And if I could get that food back home, I’ll become vegan n a heart beat – it’s that delicious!"
Milena & Paolo Venturini, UK. March 2011

"My experience with other resort and spa retreats only offered a short-term/band-aid fix and feel good moment. From Kamalaya experience, I feel I’ve been given a new life and gift that I will forever nurture, appreciate and cherish."
Jayme Harris, UK. March 2011

"Kamalaya is a choice that can change your lifestyle."
Barbara Quaedulieg. Netherlands. Feb 2011

"It is so refreshing to stay somewhere where so much thought and effort has gone into getting everything right. It is so effortless to relax, enjoy and make progress towards your goals that no one wants to leave Kamalaya and everyone plans to return."
Nicky Davis. Australia. January 2011

"When life becomes overwhelming, you need to escape to Kamalaya to recharge, refresh and revive the best you that you can be."
Colleen Nichol, Canada. January 2011

Join one of our guests as she goes through 7-day Comprehensive Detox program at Kamalaya Koh Samui in Thailand. From day 1, she started feeling the affects of her Detox & Rejuvenation program. Day 4 was the toughest, but by day 5 her energy was returning. By the end of her stay she was feeling refreshed and mentally prepared to restart her life back in the UK.

Mark had gotten off-track with his diet and exercise program. During his 7-day program, which included Traditional Chinese Medicine, personal fitness training, nutrition advice, Far-infrared saunas, regular Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist abdominal massage) and healthy and nutritious meals, Mark lost weight, gained vitality and took home a host of healthy lifestyle advice to incorporate into his regular routine. On his departure, Mark said, “I feel fitter and great. I've lost just over 2 kg. That's good, 2 kilos is good. I probably need to lose 8, but that’s going to take a bit more work over a longer period of time. While I’ve been here definitely learnt a lot of new things, I've got a take-away list of things I have to change in diet. Not too major, some of them. Some of them significant for a period of time.”

A wonderful haven and sanctuary to just ‘be’; to re-store, re-energise and invigorate one’s body, mind and soul. I will always hold a part of Kamalaya within me to take it back to Africa.
Geraldine Corder, Cape Town. March 2010

I have been to many places, restaurants, spas where the staff have done an excellent job but Kamalaya exceeds that; the staff make you feel they genuinely care for you. This is witnessed through small gestures, looks and behaviours that cannot be faked, and which you would only expect normally from close friends and relatives. I found it very moving. It is the staff more than anything that makes this place so special.
Frances Castelli, London. February 2010

During my stay, I read in a book the quote “live for the present, let the future look after itself” and that’s actually what Kamalaya allowed me to do. Every single day I looked in the mirror and saw ‘me’ coming to life again and enjoying the present. Thanks for making it a special and promising start to 2010.
Simone Voroegop, The Netherlands. January 2010

We looked for something different than just a hotel but did not expect to have found paradise. Every single person in Kamalaya is smiling and very friendly and they are all doing an awesome job. Thanks for a fantastic experience – we will be back.
Andrea Huchner, Germany. November 2009

My goals were to detox and to rest. Now that I am leaving I know I not only reached my goals but my stay at Kamalaya also changed my life. I hope next time I can set my goals, new goals, and develop further.
Magella Blek, Holland. November 2009

In my life, I will likely not ever find another place like Kamalaya where in all solitude you can feel part of a bigger thing. So welcoming, so focused on the wellbeing of others, so paradise…I will be back.
Nanon de Boer, Amsterdam. November 2009

There are not enough words to describe what Kamalaya is – you just have to feel it. There is this magic all over the place and the longer you stay the more you keep it inside yourself to take it home.
Beatrice Baumgartner, Switzerland. October 2009. 

When I booked my trip to Kamalaya, honestly…I thought it was too good to be true! Apparently not though. Kamalaya does ‘exactly what is says on the tin’!! Thank you to all the staff for helping me on my journey to a new start in life.
Clare Markey. Luxembourg. September 2009

This is a place where every single detail is paid attention to. From the aesthetic to the service side, I have never been so impressed with a place or its staff. Well done Kamalaya.
Brenden Barrett, USA. July 2009

After my second visit I have been convinced that each opportunity to visit Kamalaya opens new doors to discovery, joy, relaxation and a great sense of connection. We look forward to coming back for another retreat soon. Keep on inviting unique and talented teachers to share their experiences.
Loren Schuster, Singapore. April 2009

My stay at Kamalaya was not just a holiday. I have been truly cared for and leave feeling in the best health I’ve had for many years. All of the staff are a credit to the resort and it is this that makes Kamalaya stand above any other holiday I have ever taken. Thank you.
Janette Turner. UK. March 2009

I’ve had a chance to meet very friendly, lovely people from all over the world. Here at KAMALAYA no nationality or religions have importance; only your good heart, your optimism and will to share your happiness to others and everyone. Thank you so much
Irina Reshetnikova, Russia. July 2015

If you need a place to work on yourself and want all the help you might need, this is the place to go to. Honest, high quality, humour, holistic and down to earth at the same time. There is only one KAMALAYA
Richard Korver, Netherland. May 2015

My experience at KAMALAYA exceeded expectation and I will keep coming back as much as I can. I can’t thank you enough  for such a life – changing experience
Emily Tay, Hong Kong. March 2015

Kamalaya has exceeded my expectation in every respect. It has an organic feel of acceptance which has enveloped me and I’m looking to returning in the near future
Eleanor Doherty, UK. February 2015

The care & attention given do every aspect of KAMALAYA was superb…impressive
Kristin Marian Stearns Fein, US. January 2015

This was the most life changing and healing holiday ever. The whole concept, all staff and the other guests made this as I was visiting family. Wonderful surroundings and wonderful people make it a very special place (And I have seen many places around the world)
Francis Raynes, UAE. December 2014

Life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself. KAMALAYA is a place where the soul and mind come in balance and create the new “YOU” with a magical touch!
Maruyert Arman, Kazakhstan. November 2014

I found my spirit and soul again here. Kamalaya has inspired me to live the fullest with love for myself and others around. Thank you
Ms. Elsa Norgaard, UAE. October 2014

Whenever I feel bad about something in my life, I know there’s a place where I can go to and where I will feel at home, at ease and (will be treated like a princess) will come home healthy.
Eva van Rooy, Netherlands. September 2014

Kamalaya nurtures & nourishes mind, body, soul and spirit. It opens your heart & mind to see not only life’s potential but also your own individual potential.
Anja Louise Skyba, Australia. July 2014

Kamalaya went beyond expectations. This place is heaven on earth. Peaceful, restful. Attention to detail, gorgeous surroundings & delicious food (didn’t realize healthy eating could taste so good) leaving here relaxed + ready to face the rat race.
Janice Miriam Weinstock, Australia. June 2014

We spend 10 lovely days here – beautiful scenery, helpful staff, the free classes are great and instructors helpful. The detox menu is delicious. Pure relaxation.
Colin and Sandy Sinclair, Canada. May 2014

As I prepare to depart for the 4th time, I’m already planning my next visit. Kamalaya is like home & has the wonderful ability to make each guest feel very special & valued it’s the combination of all the ingredients that makes Kamalaya like no other place I have ever visited. Once again a very big thank you for everything. The sunset cruise now included is one of the very special experiences of my life. What a wonderful experience. The cruise is enough to bring me back again.
Pauline Sylvia Wearne, Hong Kong. April 2014

Kamalaya is a blissful place. A place of power. The staffs are genuinely kind and caring and the wellness programs are extremely high quality. Thank you.
Jools Sampson, UK. March 2014

The best of wellness at Kamalaya is the smile of each and every person that you meet.
Nikolas Petrakos, UAE. February 2014

The most wise, gentle life altering holiday I have ever had. I also made many new friends from around the globe, loved the community dinners.
Lynette Joan Laming, Australia. January 2014

Kamalaya, its people and the environment at the resort made me feel human again and get in touch with myself. It’s so easy to get caught in the chaos that is life! Kamalaya is a little piece of heaven; I almost don’t want to share it with anyone else.
Tamlynne Michelle Wilton, South Africa. December 2013

Kamalaya exceeded all my expectations, it is such a magical place, I hope one day to return and will love remembering this amazing experience.
Caroline Foxton, UK. November 2013

5 star staff, 5 star facilities, 5 star food, 5 star location, 5 star service first class all the way, a truly magical, spiritual, journey in an amazing special place.
Jodi Blanche Randall, Australia. October 2013

Kamalaya, is heaven on earth, it’s a sanctuary that has helped me grow, learn about myself and embrace who I am. I never thought a place I stayed at would make such a difference to my prospective and make me feel so alive. I know Kamalaya and its people will always be in my heart.
Joanne Chun Yan Poon, Australia. September 2013

Kamalaya is sublime. It exceeded my expectations, a truely nurturing environment with wonderful treatments, a divine location, exquiste cuisine & thoughtful and caring staff. I feel uplifted & lighter both emotionally and physically. I look forward to returning soon.
Irene Elizabeth Polski, Australia. August 2013

I watched the videos before coming to Kamalaya and was convinced it was what I needed for a healthy vacation, what I got was so much more; Kamalaya is spiritual in mind, body and spirit. It has captured and nurtured the needs of everyone. I will be back for sure. Thank you.
Glenn Maraenui Peri, New Zealand. July 2013

Kamalaya is more than what I expected. I’ve had a fantastic stay here. I feel all relaxed and wonderful. I will definitely be back again. Thank you Kamalaya for a fantastic experience.
Eliza Hau-Man Ho, Hong Kong. June 2013

This is a purposeful and inspiring sanctuary. It is full of like mined guests, yet full of diversity and flavour. A stay here provides wonderful realignment and reminds us of whom we want to be all over again.
Daniel Bruce Fraser, Thailand. May 2013

Detoxing made easy by exceptional guest service, expert advice and the full support of every member of the team, from restaurant staff, chef and housekeeping to therapists, receptionists and the GM.
David Chandler, UK. March 2013

After taking many pictures over the duration of my stay, I have reached the conclusion that neither words nor pictures can capture the tranquility of this place. I shall leave here feeling completely revived, rejuvenated and ready to take on reality again! Although I am retuning to my old life, I feel like a new person with a new outlook on life.
Anna Claire Liddell, Australia February 2013

Kamalaya is my Eden a place where i feel home, loved, cared for, not only physically but also emotionally. A place to grow.
Heinz Rolf Diehl, Switzerland. January 2013

The experiences at Kamalaya exceed expecations in every way. Beside the fantastic setting, exquisite service and delicious food, there is a unique spirit of genuine care for each person, supported by outstanding skills.
Alexandra Nagy, Denmark. December 2012

I will always be grateful for my stay here in this paradise at Kamalaya, came in state of tress and working on a great loss didn’t know how much I could expect. I’m leaving with so much new energy, a feeling of joy – a bright light within everything is possible. 
Elisabeth Karin Gunilla Whitefield, Sweden.
November 2012

A heavenly location that nurtures the soul in a healthy and warm environment. Delicious cuisine detox the body well, manicured gardens and wonderful staff with a smile.
Julia Assad, UAE. October 2012

I am sad to be leaving this remarkable, amazing place. the staffs are so kind, loving + gentle. But I know that they have given me the strength to return home a much better person. Whilrst here, I met other guests who were quite extraordinary in their way of thinking so uplifting. Thank you to everyone for a tuly magical stay.
Sally Morgan, Australia. September 2012

It’s been a joy to see philosophies, environment, systems, management, facilities and staff operating synergistically + almost faultlessly to provide guests with experience way beyond their expectations. MAGIC! Congratulations to one and all.
Birgit Bornholdt, Australia. August 2012

Over 10 years, I have stayed at 6 top health and wellbeing resort. I thought Chiva Som would be hard to beat – Kamalaya has done it. Facility and programs on par – staff service superior and detox program far superior.
John Peter Hawker, Australia. June 2012

Kamalaya has been the most wonderful experience of my life. I came here feeling lost and I needed to find answers – Kamalaya gave me the power to look within myself – to answer the questions that I couldn’t figure out at home. One week at Kamalaya, I’m re-energized re-focused and ready to conquer the world.
Krystee Lea Green, Australia. May 2012

I came to Kamalaya with a couple of goals and left having achieved them and opened a whole new world of possibility what an incredible place what incredible people. 
Victoria Henderson, Singapore. March 2012

I came here for a purpose of relaxing, detoxing, feeling great about myself & all of that have been actives, thank you for welcoming my stay so wonderful.
Nawal Alrahbi, Oman. January 2012

Fabulous place, fabulous service, fabulous staff the perfect place to recharge your batteries Kamalaya is a very special place, thank you.
Gill Tyrer, Jordan. December 2011

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing, thank you Kamalaya family from a bottom of my heart for reminding me of life’s potential. This was a truly memorable time.
Zainab Nedou, India. October 2011

A beautiful oasis, everything very thoughtfully created. From the place itself, to the outstanding food, to the classes and the friendly welcoming staff, Kamalaya has a very special feel.
Bridget Uebel, Hongkong. October 2011

"Marco Polo once said a journey of a 1000 miles starts with single step, Kamalaya is one and the best step I’ve ever made in my life so far."
Marcus Whyte, UK. September 2011

"At last a place of total peace and quiet, no mobile phone, radio or television only the beautiful sounds of nature and thank you for a wonderful honeymoon."
Alexandra Mondet, Belgium. August 2011

"A try sanctuary to focus on relaxation and health, following the programs is easy at Kamalaya because of the loving staff."
Marcus Valk, Germany. July 2011

"From the moment we arrived we were greeted with warm smile that didn’t leave during our entire stay, you feel an immediate connection to everyone around you in this tranquil paradise is quite possibly the closest thing to heaven on earth."
Julie Laplaca, US. July 2011

"Thank you all for providing me with the tools, support & path towards an invigorating rejuvenating, inspiring and highly informative journey bringing me back to myself."
Tanya Wagner, UAE. May 2011

"The Kamalaya definitely offers a high-end health resort, with a confident and clear philosophy. Excellent therapists, great food, and highly professional and aesthetically packaged worth the money, it was a highly enjoyable and beneficial stay, and we will come back."
Peter and Sawitree Liss, Germany. April 2011

"Kamalaya goes from strength to strength. It is superlative in every sense, but what really touches me is the love, kindness, goodness and warmth that infuses the place and wraps one up snugly. Keep it up, fantastic work."
Anonymous guest, March 2011

"It was just what I needed to detox and to rebalance my soul. Perfect place."
Lucia Blui, Shanghai. Feb 2011

"Kamalaya has the WOW factor, a sensational spa resort with a delicious healing loving energy meandering through ti. A spiritual paradise."
Dawn Gibbings, MBE DBA. UK. January 2011

"In Kamalaya's cocoon I found myself again, I could strengthen my roots and now I can spread out my wings!"
Ms Bartu. January 2011

Danielle thinks the Personal Yoga Synergy program is perfect for both beginners and more experienced yoga levels. “I think the yoga course is perfect for beginners. Because I think when you're first starting yoga that's the most crucial time, because you're laying the foundation for your future practice, so if you can have 1-to-1 teaching at this kind of high-quality level, I think that's the perfect way to start yoga. Even for people who are more experienced, it's a real treat and a real luxury to have someone - just one teacher - who can really target your weak points, and just give you complete attention.”

This place has forever changed my perspective regarding so many different areas of life. Karrie Kelly, USA. April 2010

Such a caring environment! A very special place to discover how best to care about oneself and let others take care of us.
Charlotte Diez. March 2010

Truly the most wonderful place I have visited; the service, attention to detail and beautiful setting are outstanding. You are instantly immersed into a tranquil, therapeutic way of being. This place and the treatments really do have magical and restorative healing powers.
Helena Oades, UK. February 2010

"After achieving a high level of success but being disconnected for many years, I found my heart and reignited my spirit at Kamalaya."
- T. Harv Eker, Author of the #1 New York Times best selling book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

Kamalaya is truly magic! The Kamalaya magic revealed itself to us subtly, slowly, then powerfully. Everything from exquisite grounds to skillful therapies and treatments to astounding cuisine is accomplished with such love. It’s an authentic place at the highest level, created with real simplicity and great care.
Rebecca Frischkorn, USA. December 2009

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend a week at Kamalaya. It is a magical place of healing infused with love. Each day spent here was filled with peace and joy. Upon departure I feel a changed person, full of gratitude. I feel healthier, happier and whole. I feel peaceful, trusting and truly alive.
Frances Frischkorn, USA. December 2009

‘Reconnect’ is the title of the brochure I was given when I arrived two weeks ago. I would have never thought it to be possible, and here I am leaving today filled with so much love and light for myself and everything around me. Thank you Kamalaya for putting your magical spell on me.
Nadja Reiche, Oct 2009

Kamalaya is haven of grace, beauty and abundance on all levels. One can’t help but be transformed and brought back to our core values of respect, kindness and generosity or each other, ourselves and our world.
Jill Daamen. October 2009

Arriving at Kamalaya felt like coming home. I came with the sole purpose of focusing on my health and hoped for spiritual healing also. What I got far exceeded my expectations and I reconnected with my spirit and was completely re-energised. By the end of my stay I was at home – within me.
Marcela Zeman, Australia. September 2009

The experience at Kamalaya has awakened me to a higher way of thinking, believing and being. Here at Kamalaya, you’re enjoying life fully!
Anita Rani Dhaliwal. Founder & CEO, Divavillage.com, California, USA. July 2009

They say you can only visit heaven once in a lifetime. Here at Kamalaya you can experience heaven every moment of every day. Probably the best uplifting experience of my life. Thank you Kamalaya, you are a secret treasure.
Tracey Pye, UK. April 2009

I truly believe that when you receive a treatment at Kamalaya, the therapist is not just doing their job; they actually do care. There is a definite energy transference. This caring energy is also conveyed in every smile you receive here.
Stephen Randall, Australia. April 2009

If you are searching for paradise, you have to come to Kamalaya. The special spirit and the architecture – which has not destroyed the nature – is impressive. It is a place where you can get connected with yourself and find your way back to serenity and relaxation. The staff are true angels. Thanks for all!
Suzanne Hussmann, Basel. April 2009

Kamalaya is no so much a beautiful place as an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Spiritual, magical and like a home from home. I am planning my next trip already and I haven’t even left yet!
Natascha Hawke, Dubai. February 2009

I arrived at Kamalaya hoping for a rest and to feel better; I left knowing that my stay here has changed my life, and I anticipate that all this positive change will grow and develop. I’m already planning when I can return – best holiday ever. I go home a new woman.
Ellie Dow, UK. January 2009