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  Kamalaya Koh Samui : A place with Ayuverdic, Traditional Chinese, Indian and Thai healing traditions  
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This other Eden

This other Eden
Kamalaya, Koh Samui

By Nina Dabiralai for Travel Daily Asia, 3 February 2009

Have you always been looking for the perfect paradise, a new Eden? Well, Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand, is as close to thereal thing as you are likely to fi nd. Kamalaya is no ordinary luxury retreat, nor is it your average well-being destination. It is a unique creation with few comparable counterparts. It is no surprise that Kamalaya has recently won two awards for “Best Welcome Retreat” and “Best Destination Spa” in Asia.

Kamalaya is a wellness sanctuary and holistic spa situated in a tropical coastline of southern Koh Samui. Built around a sacred Monk’s Cave which is perceived as “the heart of Kamalaya”, this retreat has a special energy that entices you in. As one guest describes it, “Kamalaya is a life-changing experience. You can’t explain it. You have to live it.”

Kamalaya differs from other wellness retreats for some key reasons. Firstly, its location is unique with varying views of nature such as the beach, palm trees, streams and surrounding jungle. There is a true respect for the nature in which it resides. Secondly, the people are special; not just the guests - who invariably discover how to reconnect with themselves - but also the staff. Kamalayan staff are meticulously courteous and helpful, addressing every guest by name. They are instructed to be themselves and not read from a script and the genuine warmth and personal service is most refreshing for such a premium resort.

The all-encompassing approach to wellness is astounding. There is a synergy of programmes designed to cater for all needs ranging from ‘Detox’ to ‘Balance and Revitalise’ and ‘Asian Bliss’. Guests are invited to rediscover to their core essence with a vast array of holistic and traditional treatments and therapies. You can enjoy daily yoga, Pilates and fi tness classes incorporated with nurturing treatments designed to soothe your body and release your emotions. The list of therapies available is exhaustive and includes Ayuverdic, Traditional Chinese, Indian and Thai healing traditions.

Kamalaya boasts state-of-the-art health and fitness equipment including a Far-Infra-red sauna which burns 600 calories in a 30 minute sitting. There are numerous swimming pools, plunge pools and a breathtakingly serene Steam Cavern.

Kamalaya cuisine is an integral component of the holistic wellness concept. Based on the latest nutritional research and techniques, the menu has been created to nourish and detoxify the body, yet manages to remain diverse and deliciously sublime. The cuisine maintains high principles with an emphasis on good quality, fresh ingredients served close to their natural state.

There are individual Kamalaya touches apparent throughout your stay that will make you feel as if you are being looked after far more lovingly than anywhere you have been before. You will have your own personal yoga mat in your bedroom and are even encouraged to relax by painting a blank canvas. All guests are welcomed to their brilliant white spacious bedrooms with soothing meditation music. These are individual sanctuaries; the villas have outdoor living space with daybeds and outdoor private bathrooms. Treat yourself to an exclusive pool villa overlooking the sea with your own secluded bathing pool and you will experience true paradise.

Kamalaya is as close to being a “new Eden” as you are likely to fi nd. Marvel in its majesty, revel in your rejuvenation and leave counting down the days until your next visit.