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  Soft tissue or myofascial release with Liam Harkness . For visceral, neuromuscular and circulatory systems  
Soft tissue or myofascial release

Soft tissue or myofascial release with Liam Harkness

11th - 26th August

This dynamic technique has been used to effectively treat pain and joint dysfunction and correct problems with the visceral, neuromuscular and circulatory systems. The session starts with an in depth series of assessments to locate the primary fascial lesion or the source of the trauma and the full physiological affect on the surrounding tissues. Liam prefers guests to wear sport clothing during the session. Treatments will include myofascial massage, active isolated stretching and manual resistance strengthening techniques to promote healing and restore optimal function to muscles and joints. Exercises may be given to bring balance back to the musculoskeletal system to ensure a lasting relief.

About Liam
Liam graduated as a Sports Therapist from Exeter College in 1995 and he is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). His work and passion for learning has taken him across the globe, this includes studying Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and visceral manipulation at the renown Chek and Barral Institute among many other popular healing and therapeutic modalities as well as the privilege to work with Aaron Mattes (founder of AIS) in Florida. With a clientele that includes TV personalities, politicians, celebrities as well as athletes competing on the international stage, Liam is passionate about sharing his knowledge through educating and guiding guests on their individual path to optimum health.

Liam has worked with patients suffering from the following disorders:
·    Chronic joint pain & inflammation
·    Dysfunction of the neuromuscular system
·    Dysfunction of the visceral and urogenital systems
·    Tennis elbow, golfers elbow
·    Back neck and shoulder pain
·    Dysfunction of the hip and knee and ankle Frozen shoulder

Contraindications would be DVT cancer and open wounds.

Liam has a gift for intuitive healing which greatly complements his scientific approach to rehabilitation and pain relief. His clinical assessments of physical dysfunction are the standard for physical therapists across Asia and anyone who has trained with or worked with Liam will not be surprised by his popular student following or his testimonials from happy patients. Liam's success comes in part from his passion for learning and he has travelled the globe to study at some of the best institutes and clinics. His knowledge of anatomy combined with his understanding of movement and biomechanics have tailored his treatment approach to include deep tissue massage, active isolated stretching and manual resistance strengthening techniques. Liam's philosophy is that every joint must be balanced in the stationary position before you train for strength in movement. I highly recommend a physical assessment with Liam for any athlete looking to improve their game and treatment for anyone with chronic pain or dysfunction.
Richard Wickes, Chief Fascia therapist at the Fascia Clinic.