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  Calendar of Retreats & Events Koh Samui Thailand . Program of Activities, Workshops & Therapies Thailand  
Thailand retreats

Retreats & Events with Specialised Visiting Practitioners & Teachers

Kamalaya retreats are a great way to experience the spirit of community. The group dynamic of a retreat can profoundly deepen your experience as you support, encourage and inspire each other through a program of activities, workshops and therapies. Additionally, you will benefit from the professional guidance and knowledge of your retreat facilitator.

Through connecting with your fellow participants, you will discover the power of empathy and shared insights.

Retreats & Events Calendar 2015

1st - 16th October
Classical, cranial & visceral osteopathy with Michael Lokko
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13th - 28th October
Intuitive Personal Readings, Healing and Channeling With Anna Hughes
Intuitive Personal Readings, Healing and Channeling

22nd - 25th October
Divine Straightening by Alexander Toskar & Carolin Toskar
Healing through the Divine spirit

26th October - 8th November
Sensomotoric Release and Anusara Yoga With Michael Schörnig and Bettina Keller
Anusara-Inspired Yoga workshops and private sessions

2nd - 25th November
Family constellations, Shamanic healing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Verele Vorstman
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10th - 24th November
Feldenkrais Method with Mandy Kealy
Movement therapy

13th November - 1st May 2016
TCM treatments with Dr. Song Qinggeng
Doctor for Traditional Chinese Medicine

1st - 10th December
Medicine of Luminosity with Claire Farman

11th - 24th December
Mind-Body-Spirit Integration with Susie Bowman
Spiritual Healing & Counselling. Creating a Turning Point in Your Life

15th - 31st December
Shiatsu with Yutaka Homma
Shiatsu Master and Healer

17th - 21st December
Kamalaya’s Yoga Immersion Retreat with Simon Low
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26th December - 11th January 2016
Readings of the Unconscious on the evolutionary path with Jacopo Valli
Readings of  Dreams, Tarots and Astrology
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Samui Local Visiting Practitioners

Miho Sakamoto
Crystal Surgery Practitioner and Spiritual Healer

Omesh Langmann
Astrological Readings and Palmistry

Ronan Cullen
Reiki treatments

San Bao
Chinese Tea Sharing

Stephen Kirwin
Deep Tissue Healing & Release

Stewart Wyndham
Presencing Flowbreath

Wayne Walker

If you would like any further information regarding our Visiting Practitioners visits and if you are a Holistic or Yoga Specialist interested in our Visiting Practitioner stays,  please email us at vp(at)kamalaya.com