Optimum Health with Reflex Manual Therapy

Medium Spiritual Counselor – Jannine Umana

August 26 – September 7, 2010
Jannine introduces her work on Thursday August 26 – all are welcome! 

Psychic healing Koh Samui ThailandInternational light worker Jannine Umana has worked with countless people over the past 14 years to resolve lifelong issues, helping to bring about profound healing in those who seek her counsel.

Using her gifts as a medium,  spirit counselor, akashic seer and energy practitioner, Jannine taps into your present life and past lives to find the origins of recurring life challenges. She then works together with you and your soul to free you from these patterns so you can start living a life you choose rather than simply existing.

At the basis of Jannine's work is the premise that most of our thought patterns are developed during childhood. Many of these patterns no longer serve us, and must be eliminated, as our thoughts create our existence, both inside and out. People work in various ways to resolve unhelpful thought patterns. But physical ailments can hinder us in this process, including a stiff neck and shoulders, digestive difficulties, back pain, cancer, and weight issues. Each inspires negative thought patterns that stay with us for the duration of the ailment. Examples of such patterns include the following:

- Choosing a partner who at first seems ideal, then turns out to exhibit the same behaviors as a previous poor choice of partner.
- Being unable to speak up for yourself, or to get what you wantoy
- Staying in an unsuitable job because you feel paralyzed to do otherwise.

Jannine is also qualified in Theta Healing, Kinesiology, and Shiatsu. She earned her degree from Australia's GAIA Sacred Mystery School, and for the past five years she has been working in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.