Hypnotherapy and Theta Healing

Experience Hypnotherapy, NLP and Theta Healing With Anthony

Are you ready to let go of your limitations?
We are all products of our environment; our personality is formed from our experiences. The area you were brought up in, your friends, your parents, all influence your personality, making you who you are today.

Not all of these experiences are healthy and some can leave a negative influence on our character, deep within the subconscious mind.
Do you have negative reactions, grief, depression, anxiety or even a phobia or fears? Are you ready to let go of negative past experiences?
Are you ready to stop allowing your past influence your current happiness and future wellbeing?

About Anthony:
Over 7 years Anthony has studied many therapies increasing his understanding of the mind, helping his clients let go of anything that NO longer serves them a useful purpose.
Anthony is qualified in Advance Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming and Theta healing.

Some of the sessions Anthony offers are:
-Defrag session, letting go of anything that no longer serves you
-2 hour "stop smoking' session
-Increasing confidence, self esteem, stress management
-Time line therapy, live in the present not the past or future
-Child birth "pain' control
-Past-life regression
-Speed up physical healing
-Self hypnosis workshops, learn how to go with-in any time you wish
-Lose or gain weight and much more!

The changes you can make in your life through your subconscious mind are only limited by your imagination.