Singing Bowl Treatment

Singing Bowl Treatment with Winnie Rode

Deep Relaxation Mental Cleansing

The origin of Life is sound and light. Beneath the surface, everyone of us is composed of frequencies and vibrations, and when we lose connection with the harmonies that keep us healthy, we go in search of therapy – music therapy.

Singing Bowls recreate the harmonic frequency and stimulate the body to reset its harmonic vibrations by making it vibrate to the natural frequency of the human brain.Singing bowls have a wonderful effect on people and are increasingly used as therapeutic aids. 

The sound waves of Singing Bowls stimulating  the brain and the body cellular system to rediscover its own harmonic frequency. The different waves produced by the bowls, such as alpha, beta, gamma, theta and delta are carried throughout the body by the water. These help to release repressed emotions and stimulate feelings of joy, peace and happiness. The treatment is deeply relaxing.

The sound and the frequencies of the bowls can help: alleviate stress and burn-out effects, insomnia, joint and muscle pain, tinnitus, inspirit the re-production of brain waves, release emotional blockage (anger, depression, fear, impatience, broken heart), and open the entire charka system.

Explore yourself, connect to yourself Simply enjoy the waves of sound

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